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Michigan State Research Paper (Essay Sample)

Locate information on the following topics: State funding Interest groups Elections Select two interest groups to discuss within your paper. which you do the following: Identify two sources of funding for Michigan. Provide a brief description of each interest group you selected. Include information about the effect these groups have on the local and state governments. Summarize the information you found regarding the election process of Michigan. Discuss the importance of relationships between local and state governments. Organize your paper by using the following headings: Funding, Interest Groups, Elections, and State and Local Relations. source..

Michigan State Research Paper
Michigan State Research Paper
The way elections are funded has changed significantly over the last 25 years. Today in Michigan, political parties and candidates must function within constraints imposed by laws regulating campaign financing. In the past two decades interest groups and individual firms have formed means to support elected officials through campaign donations. Interest groups and organizations fund political aspirants through systems such as political action committees (PACs), soft money contributions, and issues advocacy advertising (Corrado, 2005).
Interest Groups
An interest group is an organized system of people, or organizations, or businesses that have a common goal and form to influence the electoral and policy making process. AFL-CIO is one example of an interest group that fund Michigan. It was formed in 1955, and its mission is to enhance the lives of worki...
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