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History of America's Monetary System (Essay Sample)

i need 2 papers in 2 essays ! one for me and the other for my FRND ,, i will give you the topics , i need the 2 essays the same but in different ways ! ( 2 essays ) and this is what i need ... Assignment: Please view this video which discusses the history of America's monetary system:hhttp://video(dot)google(dot)com/videoplay?docid=2717350365989458437&hl=en Although very instructional overall, at the end of the video the narrator goes into a bit of a opinionated tirade about the current problems with the monetary system. Do you agree or disagree with him, and why? source..

History of America's Monetary System
14 November 2011
Silver and Gold are real and lawful money that can be used to repay the debts but they are hidden in Switzerland. In addition, they are credited to the Bank of Rome. However, since the treasury is only allowed to print the principal and not the interest, they can never repay the debts. The end result is that the government becomes bankrupt. The paper money can be exchange for lawful money which means that it is not lawful money. On the other hand, the Bank of England restricts paying off debts in silver and gold not paper money.
The purchasing power of American citizens has been greatly changed due to the problems in the monetary systems which have affected the prices of various commodities. The use of paper money instead of coins has also devalued the money throwing America in to many debts. Currently, the money power is in the hands of the leaders and not in the hands of citizens. This is why the movie is calling for the transfer of money power to the people. The many rules and agreements that surround US money was created long centuries by a few people who had a slim set of interests. The gone centuries are quite different from the current century and therefore such rules and agreements may not serve the challenges of the contemporary world.
It is true that the current monetary problems have resulted since the individual states are barred from the monetary power. This is evident in...
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