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rail of Tears, an Historical Perspective (Essay Sample)

The Trail of Tears The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to look at a historical situation from the perspective of one of its participants. This will allow you to "think historically" about one of the more dramatic events in our history. Readings All of the following readings are in the Web Links: Andrew Jackson, "Second Annual Address to Congress" General Council of the Cherokee Nation, "To the People of the United States" John Marshall, "Worcester v. The State of Georgia" Examine these documents concerning events that led up to the Trail of Tears. Pay attention to the legal arguments offered, as well as to the viewpoints of those involved in the struggle. In a two-page essay write an appeal to the American people from the perspective of a Cherokee Indian in 1836. If your essay is not written from the perspective of a Cherokee Indian, it is an automatic 7 point deduction. Keep in mind events and legal realities of the time as you write. Make sure you do not "jump ahead" to the Removal itself since, based upon the directions given above, the actual Removal had not happened. source..
Running Head: Trail of Tears, a Historical Perspective Trail of Tears, a Historical Perspective Student`s name Instructor`s name Course title Date of submission Trail of Tears, a Historical Perspective The states of Georgia and the United States of America chose to relocate the Muscogee (Creek), Cherokee, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Choctaw Indians from what was known as Indian territories then. By 1828, the Cherokee were civilized people since they had acquired most the western culture. Their women wore gowns, in addition to the Cherokees having a system of government. Moreover, they had built roads in their territories to show that they were ready to govern themselves. The people had decided that the land was theirs and as result, they had started to develop. They had quit their way of life and adopted western life such as farming and cattle ranching. However, despite their efforts the US government considered them as strangers who did not merit living in Georgia. Although some Cherokees like Major Ridge supported the removal,...
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