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Graduate Nurses (Essay Sample)

Dear I have upload an assignment and I want from the writer To change it around (parphrase it), because one of my friend ha already submit it, and the lecturer has already check it so I want to avoid the plagiarism . source..

Graduate Nurses
Advancements made in life are usually scary, as there are many complexities that make progress challenging. People like being comfortable and maintaining the status quo because change and progress comes with uncertainties and the fear of the unknown (Cheeks & Dunn, 2010). Young nursing graduates expecting to graduate from university to join the clinical medicine workforce depict the aspect of progress. However, past studies have shown that a profession in clinical medicine can be quite stressful as an individual’s success can be dictated by many factors. An individual’s transition into the clinical disciplines is vital in ensuring success. However, the successful transition is dependent on various influences related to their work-environment. These factors include interpersonal communication, work-relationships, and ability to work in a team.
Many fresh graduates may feel anxiety when embarking on their careers, as many factors that govern the success in the work place are not taught in schools. People have to learn them through experience in order to ensure success. This paper will highlight on the three main areas needed to ensure a successful transition into the work place and a successful career in nursing (Chakraborti, et al., 2008). These factors are teamwork, delegation, and advocacy.
Critical reflection justifying selection
Working together has been one of the keys to success. Working as a team ensures the best out of the team players is obtained (Chang & Daly, 2011). However, a group of people working together does not necessarily make a team because of the individuality of every team player. Group dynamics are different and work differently for every group setting. Good social and personal relationships and bonds between team players will help in the creation of a good functional team. These traits will help a person work well with others as a team and get through obstacles. Though these traits may not come in handy at the moment, graduate nurses should develop them as they will go a long way in their personal careers accepting the personal differences in the strengths and weaknesses of fellow nurses will help in working as a team.
A nurse’s ability to work in harmony with fellow nurses will help build rapport and trust that will help in both personal and professional Understanding the group dynamics of a team, one will be able to work efficiently staying on top of situations as they arise and conflict resolution in the work place (Cummings, et al, 2008).
Argument and Critical Discussion
The strenuous and demanding work of nursing is some of the reasons why nurses cannot take care of a patient for long. To counter these factors, nurses specialize and work in rotating shifts. This involves working in teams in taking care if patients. A patient cannot be attended by a single nurse. Therefore, working in...
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