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The Role of Geriatric Nurses (Essay Sample)


2. Requirements for Professional Paper
1. Produce an informational professional paper on a professional nursing role.(Geriatric nursing) This paper will be written in your own words, using professional journal articles and nursing organization websites as references. IF you find that you are copying word for word so that someone else’s words are being presented as yours, you will receive
a zero.
2. APA format required.
3. Use at least two American nursing journals published within the past five years; no commercial websites
4. Cover page in APA format
5. Introduction: What is the professional nursing role you are researching? Explain the role.
6. Educational preparations for role
-Is there specific training required for this professional nursing role?
-Is there a certification available and if so what is the process to obtain
7. Case study example:
-Develop a case study identifying a patient/family that your nursing specialty would take care of. What specifically does this professional nurse do and focus
on? Focus on what is special about this nursing role.
8. Standards:
-Using all of the 16 nursing standards explain the standard and how specifically each standard applies to the work of this nursing role? Give examples for each standard using your research articles to support your ideas .1 Assessment 2. Diagnosis 3. Outcomes identifications 4. Planning
5. Implementation 6 Evaluation, 7 Ethics 8. Education 9. EBP and Research 10. Quality of Practice 11. Communication 12. Leadership 13. Collaboration 14. Professional Practice Evaluation 15. Resource Utilization
16. Environmental Health
9. Publications and organizations
-What are the specific nursing journals that would help this type of professional nurse succeed in this role and in what way would these journals help?
-What specific professional Nursing organization(s) would help this type of professional nurse succeed in this role and in what way would these
organizations help?
10. Conclusion - summary of the professional paper
11. Reference page. One of the references should be scope and standards of practice 2nd edition. you can download it online. 


Professional Paper
Date of Submission
The Role of Geriatric Nurses
Geriatric nursing specializes in providing care for the elderly population, implying the care is provided at home, in hospitals, and institutions such as psychiatric and nursing homes. Critical to the discussion is the fact geriatric nurses have a special role in society because the elderly population represents "50% of hospital days; 60% of all ambulatory adult primary care visits; 70% of all home care visits and 85% of nursing home residency (Thornlow, Latimer, Kingsborough and Arietti, 2006)." Specifically, such nurses have a role of providing bed side care to admitted patients and training them on how to use medical equipment such as a walkers. Additionally, geriatric nurses have a duty of advising their patients on what is, and how to use the best medication. It is notable that such nurses must acquire appropriate education by taking a bachelors or associate degrees from institutions of higher learning.
Case Study
Edna, an 87 years old widow is suffering from depression and needs urgent medical attention. She lives with Mary, her only daughter who takes care of her. She hates the fact that she has to depend on her daughter for almost everything. She was diagnosed with depression. Further she has edema and cannot walk.
In such a case, the role of a nurse would be to help Edna cope with the emotional and physical changes in her life. She needs to be trained on how to use the walker so that she can do most of the activities on her own and avoid feeling dependent on Mary. A geriatric nurse also needs to help Edna cope with the also loss of her husband so as to reduce the impact of depression.
Standards of practice
1 Assessment
Nurses should assess Edna's condition by noting down symptoms for the disorder. Further, a geriatric nurse should assess the patient by listening to the patient with an aim of identifying any signs of depression. Critical to the discussion is the reality that listening to the patient would allow the nurse to identify symptoms for any other disorder or disease. In the case study, the nurses assesses that Edna was crying, sad, and lacked interest. The nurse also talked with Edna and she confessed having daily moods, lack of sleep and she wanted to be alone most of the time.
2. Diagnoses
After collecting data from the patient, the nurse diagnoses the patient using the information provided by the patient. The nursing diagnose that Edna's is not coping well with old age as evidenced by excessive crying, sadness, and lack of interest.
3. Outcome Identification
It is crucial to highlight that identifying the outcome is important because it would enable the nurse in charge to monitor Patients progress (American Nurses Association, 2010). In the case study, the nurse predicts that appropriate treatment will make Edna's symptoms of depression improve in 2 weeks.
4. Planning
It is crucial to highlight that nurses should develop plans that provide alternatives and strategies for obtaining the desired outcomes. In this case, a nurse should educate Edna on the, the need to avoid isolation, the need to reduce stress, need to exercise regularly and learn about the Edna's disease. Further, the nurse should educate the patient on the need to use anti-depressive drugs as Prescribed. The nurse should also plan to ask Mary to encourage the Mother to accept home based nursing care, because it would make the mother less dependent on her.
5. Implementation
Critical to the discussion is the fact the nurse should implement the Chronic Care Model to solve for depression (Severinsson, and Holm, 2014). The nurse should also implement a strategy that would enable Edna to be de-stigmatized from the society. This owes to the reality that Edna is experiencing stigma from the society because s...
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