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BHS 414 6: Reflecting on the Significance of Incorporating Cultural Perspectives to Health Care Practices (Essay Sample)

Modular Learning Objectives By the end of this module, the student shall be able to satisfy the following outcomes expectations: Module Prepare and submit a self-reflective essay TD Participate in a threaded discussion in which you will reflect on course concepts Overview As your study in this course draws to a close, it is important to integrate the course content to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the concepts presented in each module. It is also important to "step back" and reflect on new levels of understanding, skills, and knowledge that were developed as a result of your efforts put forth throughout this course. It is particularly important to reflect on the course objectives (what you were intended to learn in this course). The course objectives were: 1. Compare and contrast alternative cultural perspectives as they relate to health behavior (Module 2) 2. Examine cultural competence within the context of health care (Module 3) 3. Apply culture-centered health behavior/planning theory (Modules 2, 3, 4, and 5) 4. Explain the role of cultural values in the patient-provider interaction (Module 1) 5. Discuss the role of traditional healing practices in health care (Module 5) 6. Assess the impact of cultural beliefs on health (Module 2, 3, 4) 7. Interpret disability from a cross-cultural perspective (Module 4) 8. Reflect upon and integrate course concepts (Module 6) source..

Culture and Health Care
Reflecting on the Significance of
Incorporating Cultural Perspectives to Health Care Practices
(Name of Student)
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In health care practice, health care providers and other health specialists are not contained to conventional healing methods only. Many underlying perspectives present in any communities must be regarded as important particularly on designing health care programs and similar framework. In the course, I learned that various health practices and beliefs exist across cultures. Many of the different cultural perspectives have their own health traditions and methods. It is important that these traditions are taken into consideration especially when a large population is at stake because of certain health issues. More likely, health care providers should be the ones to see the need to study other cultures in order to be more effective in giving health services. Being more open-minded and strategic in studying and applying health care services is one of the most significant...
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