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Proposed Solution, Implementation, and Evaluation Essay (Essay Sample)


The final capstone project is a culmination of the written research-based assignments completed throughout the course. Each written assignment contributes to the final Evidenced-Based Proposal paper. This is the third written assignment.
Describe your proposed solution (100-250 words).
Preparing an Implementation Plan
Develop an implementation plan (1,000-1,500 words). The elements that should be included in your plan are listed below:
Method of obtaining necessary approval(s) and securing support from your organization's leadership and fellow staff.
Description of current problem, issue, or deficit requiring a change. If you are proposing a change in current policy, process, or procedure when delivering patient care, describe first the current policy, process, or procedure as a baseline for comparison.
Detailed explanation of proposed solution (new policy, process, procedure, or education to address the problem/deficit).
Rationale for selecting proposed solution.
Evidence from your review of literature in Topic 2 to support your proposed solution and reason for change.
Description of implementation logistics. (When and how will the change be integrated into the current organizational structure, culture, and workflow? Who will be responsible for initiating the change, educating staff, and overseeing the implementation process?)
Resources required for implementation: staff; educational materials (pamphlets, handouts, posters, and PowerPoint presentations); assessment tools (questionnaires, surveys, pre- and post-tests to assess knowledge of participants at baseline and after intervention); technology (technological or software needs); funds (cost of educating staff, printing or producing educational materials, gathering and analyzing data before, during, and following implementation); and staff to initiate, oversee, and evaluate change.
Evaluation Plan
Prepare an evaluation plan (500-750 words) supported by your critical appraisal of the literature.
Discuss methods to evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed solution.
Describe what your projected outcomes will be and what variables will be assessed.
General Requirements
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Proposed Solution, Implementation, and Evaluation
Institutional Affiliation
Proposed Solution, Implementation, and Evaluation
The proposed solution to responding to chronic disease management
Chronic diseases have increased in the recent past, yet the level of response from the health care sector is not substantive. Chronic diseases start at a given stage in life and progress to the point of death, causing trauma and emotional and financial distress not only to the patient but also to the family members. In the process of caring for patients, there is a need to transform registered nurses into leaders that not only treat the disease, but also teach the patient and the family members how to manage and respond to the disease. The proposed solution in responding to the chronic diseases in the aging population is to encourage registered nurses to enroll for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse courses. The strategy encompasses broader response to chronic diseases by equipping registered nurses with appropriate skills and knowledge on not only how to treat and manage the chronic disease, but also transfer their skills to their counterparts and those around them in the process of improving the quality of life and care for patients.

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