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Power struggles in hospital between MD vs DNP. Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Power and conflict in the workplace is common and problematic in the corporate world and healthcare is certainly not immune to it. Complex health environments infused with tension, fear and power issues can create insidious behaviors that impact teams, moral and patient outcomes. Issues of professional hierarchies can include inter-professional communication, “education” (ie. medical doctorate vs. nursing doctorate or doctorate vs. masters, bachelor trained health professionals), role clarification (power struggles), gender influence and so on.
Structure your paper with the following sections. 10-15 pages
• Title: this can reflect your individual focus within the paper.
• (untitled) Introduction
• Power in Relationships (describe the various power dynamics within the workplace that you are writing about)
• Sources of Power (Power comes from many sources, check textbook Chapter 9)
• Leadership Power and Influence (analyze the workplace situation that you are writing about, use the textbook for guidance and reinforce it with references. An example: the power of unions in the workplace, power of regulatory organizations in health care, etc. or a combination of all of this)
• Organizational Conflict (what is the conflict in the workplace that you are describing.
• Building Coalition
• Conclusion

mostly I am thinking to focus between the medical doctors versus DNP(doctorate of nursing practice) power struggle issues on work place. This issues is really hot topic at this time. Because the medical doctors don’t like the DNP ( Doctor of nurses practice graduate) because I guess it’s about business and power. The DNP are a doctor on nursing so they are more a kind of advanced nurse. Some state allowed them to prescribe medication fully without any MD supervisions but most state required co signers from the physician like Physician assistant. So this creates huge conflict and power struggle. I know friend they graduate on DNP but they cannot find job because the doctors they don’t want hire DNP or they don’t want give them enough orientation. So please find articles regarding this issues.
Also we can add struggles between administration vs nurses and other staff. For example administration want some kind of change but the staff will resist. My hospital nursing staff had union so it’s really hard to fire nurses without good cause. For this reasons administration facing challenge to implement new change. The other thing in hospital nurse abuse the younger nurses because most of the older nurses are a charge and have a power in the unit. So they will abuse the new nurse by giving heavy assignments and so on. So we can talk about this kind things and others


Power Struggles in Hospital Between MD And DNP
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Most of the conflicts reported in hospitals are between the nurses and doctors. Each of them has specific roles that they should attend to, but in most cases, they end up working beyond their jurisdiction. Such conflicts not only create an inconducive work environment but also reduce the quality of healthcare being accorded to patients. Nursing requires both nurse scientists and practice experts to expand their knowledge to ensure that they provide the best care to their patients. Through doctoral education, nurses are prepared for the best levels of leadership and scientific inquiry. In some cases, the nurses might opt to become educators, but the main purpose of the educational program is to provide them with information to be applied in treating patients. 

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