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Nursing Model And Ethical Concerns (Essay Sample)


Using the scenario about Alison identify and discuss two ethical concerns. It may help you to refer to four guiding ethical principles(respect for autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice).(700 words or equivalent)
Alison Scenario
Alison is a nursing student and is on a student exchange and in the second year of her nursing programme. She decides that to document her experiences with the patients she meets in the clinical setting, she will keep a photo-journal. She asks for verbal consent from a patient to take her photograph, before doing so. She later uploads the photograph to her Facebook account, describing the patient’s health issue.
What are the ethical concerns associated with this situation?
How could the ethical principles relate to this?
Are there any legal issues to consider?
Brief introduction.
What are the ethical concerns you have identified in the scenario?
How do the ethical principles help to explore?
Please include evidence to support the points that you make
And a brief summary of key points to conclude( please always link to adult nursing)
(700 words or equivalent)
Submit an outline of the nursing model that you have chosen as the best model to guide the potential nursing care for Tom in the scenario for your field of practice. This needs to include:
• Why it is the most suitable
• How it may help
• Why the other nursing model was not suitable?
Brief introduction.
Which nursing model have you selected for Tom’s care?
Why is it helpful?
Why was the other model not suitable?
Please include evidence to support the points that you make and a brief summary to conclude.
Tom is 16 years old and has Downs Syndrome. He lives at home with his mother, father and two younger siblings. Tom has developed a chest infection with a high temperature and requires to be admitted to hospital. Unfortunately Tom is feeling extremely anxious and distressed on admission to hospital.
In your groups choose the best model to guide the potential nursing care for Tom.
Feedback to the tutorial group:
- why it is the most suitable.
- how it can help
- why the others were not suitable


Ethical Concerns
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Date Submitted:
Nursing ethics
There are several nursing ethics and principles that have been adopted by the nursing council so as to guide the nurses I their profession. According to (Rees and etl,2015),this is very important owing to the fact that they need to act with a lot of competence and professionalism in delivering the services to patient’s .These ethical frameworks are essential and need to be observed so as to control the unwarranted behavior from nurses in their practice. Some of these ethical principles for nursing council include confidentiality, autonomy, justice, non- maleficence and beneficence (Curtis and et al., 2012).
In the case of Alison and his patient, she went against the ethical principles of the nursing council. Even if Alison had sought for consent to take pictures from the patient, she did not explain to the patient the real use of the photographs she intended to take. According to Casey and Wallis (2011) instead of taking photos from the patient for the purpose of the memory of the past experiences she went ahead to post in face book and further discussing the condition of the patient to the public in complete violation of the ethical principles. According to Snelling (2013), Alison went against the ethical principle of justice, beneficence and confidentiality and privacy in this scenario.
Justice- According to Bradbury-Jones and Alcock (2010) the patient need to get treated fairly and equitably from nurses who attend then at all times, Alison had just gone against the provisions of the nursing council by sharing the photos and the condition of the patient under treatment without the permission of the patient. The patient needed to be treated in the same way as the nurse would have needed to be treated in the normal circumstances. It is no justice when the photos of the patient were shared without consent, something that may lead to the ridicule and stigmatization of the patient (Ion et al., 2015).
Beneficence- According to Leufer and Cleary-Hold forth (2013), this is the nursing ethic that creates a provision that the nurses would act in the best interest of patients and ensure that they are benefiting from the services. In the scenario of Alison, he went against the principle requirement when he took pictures of the patient and shared with the public without the consent of the patient (Snelling, 2016). This principle requires that the nurse should act diligently and help patients and protects their rights and get them away from getting harmed something that Alison did not do but instead did the opposite. The nurse should at the same time ensure that the patient has been helped to do what he cannot manage (Gillen & Graffin, 2010).
Confidentiality and privacy- According to Gerrish and Lacey (2010), confidentiality and privacy was violated on the patient because the medical record of any patient need to be highly private and confidential .Exposing it to the general public is a violation of the ethical principles that has been put in place by nursing council. Therefore Alison went against the provisions and ethics of nursing by sharing photographs and health condition of a patient the face book account (Darby& Cardwell, 2011).
The ethical issues in nursing relate to the scenario of Alison and the patient because of the fact that Alison took photographs of the patient and shared to the public on the face book account without clearly explaining the use of the photographs to the patient properly, therefore Alison went against the ethical requirement provided under nursing profession. Alison in fact committed an offence to this effect by sharing photographs of the patient and describing the conditions to the public ...

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