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County Health Ranking: In the Orange County, California (Essay Sample)


My city and state is Huntsville Alabama


County Health Ranking
County Health Ranking
The County health ranking is a system that is quite effective and can be used in demonstrating the differences that exist between the various counties across the country. It is also a system that can be used to raise awareness on the various factors which influence the quality of health care delivery systems as well as stimulate the improvements required and suggested efforts for the same (Remington, Catlin & Gennuso, 2015). This is a system that uses human instincts in an effort to compete through facilitating comparisons between the various counties from the various health outcomes. This is a system that encourages improvements by sensitizing and stimulating the media and policy makers towards quality health care at the County level (Remington, Catlin & Gennuso, 2015).
In the Orange County, California, there are several leading health behaviors that are associated with the ranking system. These include alcohol impaired driving deaths at 27%, adult obesity at 20%, physical inactivity is at 16% and adult smoking at 10% (County Health Rankings, 2018).
In the case of Madison Alabama, the County is ranked 4thh with reference length of live. This is largely connected to the fact that the County is associated with premature deaths that come in at 7,500 with a margin of error that pays around 7200 to 7900 (County Health Rankings, 2018). When it comes to the quality of life, Madison has several characteristicslow birthweight stands at 10%, poor mental health days stands at 3.8 poor physical health stands at 3.8 as well and poor or fair health stands at 16%. In reference to the health behaviors, Madison has high rate obe

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