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Nursing and culture (Essay Sample)

Australia English. Must be. All required documents are attached, including an example essay where some question just might require paraphrasing. See the instructions document, assessment and all other attached files. Australia English Simple academic vocabulary similar to the attached example.. Thank you source..
Nursing and Culture Type Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Step 1- Self-reflection Even though, there are numerous perceptions on what constitutes culture, the nursing profession is increasingly looking into the impact of culture in the profession. Before completion of the first and second tutorials, I did not give much thought to cultural influence, and its place in nursing. First, Australia is dominated by Anglo-Australian culture, and as such, one may assume that this represents Australia as a whole. Nonetheless, I now appreciate that there are different cultures that represent the nation, and one needs to appreciate this fact as a nurse, for effective health care provision. No matter a person’s origin, each one of us has a cultural aspect from the other. However, after the tutorials I came to understand different cultural perspectives through participating in group activities with my fellow students. Consequently, I found it worthwhile to understand cultural concepts are different depending on the worldview. For instance, some view culture in terms of cultural artifacts, dressing, and cuisines, while others look into social relations that include religious, language and kinship ties. I also learnt that a person’s perspectives are shaped by their physical surroundings and life experiences, and as such, one cannot dismiss the role of culture in the society. Surprisingly, I now question my preparedness in the nursing profession in view of a world characterized with divergent cultures. Nonetheless, I understand that for me to be an effective nurse in the future, it is necessary to reflect on my own culture, values, and attitude to ensure that I am culturally competent to treat all cultures equally in nursing practice. (Word count 260) Step 2 In my experience, preconceived notions can also affect the way nurses treat patients in either a positive way or negative way. For instance, in my nursing placement, a sick patient under my care in prison needed to be taken to hospital. My thoughts on how to treat patients are now different, as by that time I had a negative attitude towards such patients. However, I have now changed my attitude, and am more likely to be culturally sensitive to all patients regardless of their situations. (Word count 85) Step 3- readings The two readings focus on the role of cultural perspectives in shaping our opinion on health and illnesses in the nursing profession. The Australian mainstream culture typically identifies with the Anglo Australian culture, but in my experience, cultural diversity has gained more prominence in the nursing profession. Consequently, the need for a more inclusive culture in the country is necessary in dealing with health matters. In essence, the dominant Anglo Australian culture has a created the notion that being Australian is equivalent to identifying with this culture, and for the indigenous aboriginal people this view perpetuates inequality and inaccessibility to health serv...
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