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Sociological Imagination - Writing Assignment 1 (Essay Sample)

Instructions/Guidelines: 1. Use link below to read the article on "Sociological Imagination (C Wright Mills)" 2. Answer the following questions: - What did the article inform you about the nature of sociology? - What may be some of the limitations of the sociological perspective(s), in general? - In what ways do you think sociology is able to benefit or help you personally, academically and/or professionally? 3. Please indicate word count at the bottom of your essay. source..
Name Instructor Course Date Sociological Imagination Question 1 The nature of sociology is generally considered as a social science that studies society and human actions. Sociology is concerned with the study of human social rule and processes that unite and separate individuals in society into groups or institutions in the organization and development of human social life. The aspect of sociological interest ranges from the analysis of the interactions between anonymous individuals is a social subgroup to study the global social processes. Sociology unifies all studies of mankind that include history, psychology and economics in order to understand social structure through historical stages so as to resolve current social issues. Sociological study thus, provides information in the age of fact that develops the skill of reason needed to acquire moral energy. Quality of mind id provided to individuals so as to use information that develop reason that enhance achieving of lucid summation of events going around the globe and what is happening within individuals themselves. Sociological imagination enhances individuals to understand historical events meaning for the inner life and careers for variety of individuals. Individuals are able to account their daily experiences to be conscious of their social position. Question 2 Sociology being a study of human relationship and culture seeks to understand society’s economic and social structure in which diverse people are a part. This relationship between individuals and society determ...
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