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Nurse Practitioners And Advanced Practice Nurses In Certain States (07-U6-T-1) (Essay Sample)


Model Implementation
Describe a model that you might use to introduce the policy change your group is advocating for in your position paper of “Restrictions of roles of nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses in certain states”. How would you implement that model? Give an overview of the policy change your group is advocating for.
1 page APA 6th edition format. 3 references 


Nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses are competent professional capable of offering high-quality care. The changing landscape of healthcare and the changing profile of the American population require fundamental shifts in care delivery systems. Shortage of primary health care workers due to the expansion of insurance coverage by the Patient Protection and Affordable Act requires a policy review (Hooker & Muchow, 2015). The proposed policy change we advocate for is to change state scope of practice laws to enable APNs practice to the full extent of their training and education.
Rogers's diffusion of innovation model can help in advocating policy change at all levels. According to Roger diffusion of innovation model, the policy proposal will be spread among groups whereby the diffusion process goes beyond simple steps (Doyle, Garrett & Currie, 2014). Diffusion process will focus accelerating the process of adopting new policies (Doyle, Garrett & Currie, 2014). Using this process, decisions will not be authoritative or collective; members will make their own decisions using the five-step implementation process (Doyle, Garrett & Currie, 2014).
The first step of diffusion process includes educating healthcare workers how policy changes will reduce spending within the healthcare sector if ARPNs are

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