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Letter to the Newspaper (Essay Sample)


Imagine your local newspaper printed a story regarding the lack of adult education and training opportunities in your area. Readers are encouraged to write in to the paper to express their support for more opportunities.
Write a 750- to 1,050-word letter describing the need for effective adult education. Make sure to address
who the adult learner is
history of adult education
changing demographics
government push to educate adults
principles of adult education
Include at least three peer reviewed sources in your letter from 2010 - 2015.
Writer ...Please use nursing as the topic of adult education.


Letter To A Newspaper
Student Name
An adult learner can be described as an individual who is beyond an age bracket defined by an institution. It is common knowledge that in most colleges and universities all over the world undergraduate students are in the age bracket of 17-25 years. Others are integrated with middle aged children in the same session. They could learn the same curriculum, but this does not apply strictly to adult learners. The age bracket may vary, but those in colleges and those who have redone their high school sessions qualify to be adult learners. Therefore, anybody beyond 25 years pursuing an undergraduate course can be referred to as an adult learner.
According to Brookfield .S, effective adult education follows a set of principles. Adult education is problem-based; adults are interested to learn and find solutions to their daily problems. It gives the importance to a need of equality between the teacher and the learner. It emphasizes that adults are internally motivated and self-directed this means that adult learners are likely to resist learning in case they feel the authority is imposing ideas, information or actions on them( Foley, 2000). According to Malcolm Knowles an American practitioner who defined the art and science of helping adult learn identified the principles of learning as adults are practical, they are goal-oriented, they are relevancy-oriented and more importantly they highly value respect.
Not only is cost and access to medical care a problem in our local area but a problem experienced all over the world. Doctors are few compared to the rate at which the population is growing. It is estimated by World Health Organization that for Africa to meet the health- related Millennium Development ...
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