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leadership theory (Essay Sample)

I picked this article title from the text book: Transformational Leaders focus on the tasks and getting the work done. Transformational leaders focus on vision and empowerment by James MacGregor Burns, Bernard M. Bass, Bruce J. Avolio, McIntosh and Tolson. Published 2009. This is the question: Annotated Bibliography #1: Find one article from the reference list in chapter 1, 2 or 3 of your text and one more current article by the same author. Write an abstract for each. {Hint: Your abstract should include the author(s) last name, first initial, year of publication, article name, journal name, volume number and page(s). Put this information at the top of the page in APA format. Write a brief summary of the article following the reference information. source..
LEADERSHIP THEORY Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Leadership Theory Parry, Ken W. and Sinha, Paresh N. Researching the Trainability of Transformational Organizational Leadership Human Resource Development International 8(2), 165-183. This paper seeks to examine the effectiveness of leadership training vary with an emphases on the effectiveness of transformational leadership training. The methodology used is based on the Full Range Leadership Development (FRLD) program, on the behaviors and interactions of leaders. It queries and establishes the impact that transformational leadership has on an organizational performance. The article outline elements of complexity that today organizations experience and the need for a transformational approach the organization so as to navigate those intricacies. It expounds on the impacts that transformational training has on the growth of an individual as well as that of the organization. It lays an emphasis on the factors attributed to a discernment of transformational leadership as increased performance, organizational development and change, and the fact that transformational leadership can be applied in a variety of settings. Bass, Bernard M. and Avolio Bruce J. Predicting Unit Performance by Assessing Transformational and Transactional Leaders Journal of Applied Psychology 88(2), 207-218 The pace of change that organizations of today are faced with is mindboggling, and this calls for a leadership that is as adoptive as it is flexible. Adaptive leaders work well in the rapidly changing environments of nowadays because they help in making sense of the challenges that are faced by other leaders and the followers and then respond to those challeng...
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