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3-2 Final Project Milestone One: Introduction, Business Requirements, and Competitors and Technology (Essay Sample)


Please Read Follow and Instructions on the attached documents
Overview: This assignment is the first milestone that you will complete for your final project. In this milestone, you will address the following:
You will begin drafting parts of your final project, focusing on your business requirements, competitors, and technology.
This assignment is an important practice opportunity for you to create a draft, and to get feedback from your instructor to improve your final draft.
The rubric reflects that this is a practice opportunity. You should focus on getting the necessary information into your draft. No draft is perfect.
This milestone aligns with sections I, II, and III of your final project. Use the questions in the critical elements as a guide.
You are free to work in the Final Project Template document or on a separate word document for your drafts.
o It is recommended you use the template to ensure you do not miss any items you need to address. The critical elements are highlighted in
yellow in the template.
The decision matrix is not required for this milestone; however, you will be submitting the decision matrix in Milestone Two. It is recommended that you
use the template provided to help narrow your technology recommendation.
Prompt: Imagine that you work for the small brick-and-mortar business described in the final project case scenario. The owner of your business wants to focus
on generating new revenue through e-commerce, but she knows that this change in operations requires the company to integrate new technology. To gain an
understanding of what the business might need for technology, she has asked you to create a business systems analysis. In this analysis, you will clearly
introduce the problem that your business is facing. Then, you will determine the business requirements for solving that problem, including the requirements
that any new technology needs to meet.
Your goal in the final project is to establish an e-commerce presence, but you must improve the current technology first. Use the Decision Matrix document as
you conduct your research for assistance organizing your thoughts. (You will submit the completed decision matrix in Milestone Two.) For additional resources
on developing the decision matrix, refer to:
Decision Matrix: What It Is and How to Use It: This article defines the decision matrix and discusses how leaders evaluate and prioritize all of their
options when considering solutions to a difficult task.
Decision Matrix Analysis: This article explains how to use a decision matrix analysis, a useful technique for making a choice when many factors must be
Decision Matrix Example: Use this resource to view an example of a completed decision matrix.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Introduction: In this section, you will briefly introduce the small business from the case scenario, and the problem that it is trying to solve.
A. Clearly state the problem that the business owner is seeking to solve. Be sure to address the question of what your business ultimately wants to
B. Identify and briefly describe the two technologies from the list provided that you will research in your business systems analysis.
II. Business Requirements: In this section, you will determine what the business requirements are to solve the stated problem, and establish the criteria
that will help form your technology recommendations. You will also articulate why the business owner should undertake the project of integrating new
A. Explain the objectives of undertaking this project to integrate new technology. In others words, what should the project accomplish, and how
does it support the goal of your business?
B. Provide a project description that explains the purpose of the project. Be sure to address the following:
i. What does your business need to do to satisfy the objectives?
ii. What are the desired results at the end of the project?
iii. Why is it important for your business owner to consider implementing new technology?
C. State the key technological requirements that will be required of any new technology in order to effectively solve your business's problem. In
other words, what specifically does the technology need to be capable of doing? (These are the technology requirements in the decision matrix.)
III. Competitors and Technology: In this section, you will describe two competing companies that operate in the same industry as your business. You will
also explain how a company uses the two technologies that you are investigating to determine if the technology may be appropriate for your business to
use. Remember that a list of competing companies was provided to you in the final project case scenario.
A. Technology One: Select one company in the same industry as your own that uses this technology. Briefly describe what that company does and
how it uses this technology to support its business in general. Include specific examples.
B. Technology Two: Select one company in the same industry as your own that uses this technology. Briefly describe what that company does and
how it uses this technology to support its business in general. Include specific examples.
C. Referring to what you learned in your research on the companies above, explain one specific way in which one of the companies is benefitting
from technology, and describe the potential benefit to your business if you were to adopt the same approach.
Guidelines for Submission: Your rough draft should be 3–4 pages in length and should follow APA formatting, including double spacing, 12-point Times New
Roman font, and one-inch margins.


Milestone One
Zantu's is a small brick and motor business. It has taken specialties in designing handbags, clothing, and shoes. The designer accessories and clothing offered are discounted to both genders. The store has got five employees; two full-time and three part-time employees. The biggest problem facing the store is the accessibility of the products. Customers are unable to access the products easily and readily from the store as compared to the store’s competitors. This is because the store has got only a basic website which has a list of few items. The only way the customers can purchase the products is in-store. The business wants to focus more on customers by promoting an online presence. It wants to integrate the current business with e-business. The owner is in search of a technology that will boost customer focus and thus the business.
The two technologies that can help solve this problem or meet the above-stated requirements are the Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce and Business analytics and business intelligence solutions. Mobile commerce is the marketing of goods through handheld devices that are wireless for example mobile phones and PDAs. This way the customers can access the internet anywhere without the need for a place to plug in. Mobile computing refers wireless connection that is real time and connects mobile phones with other computing environments. This connection gives birth to internet access which facilitates e-commerce or m-commerce. Through e-commerce, the business can sell and promote their products and the customers can easily buy them through their mobile phones (Peter & Robert,, 2013).
Business analytics and Business Intelligence utilizes huge data analysis to improve the viability and efficiency of the business. There is a little difference between them though. Business intelligence involves accessing and amassing huge data, and it consists of infrastructure and software through which data analysis can be funneled. Business analytics is what the owner does with the data at their disposal (Christian, 2016)
Business Requirements
The business objective is to integrate a new technology that can be used for e-commercing. The business's goal is to promote its operations by becoming more present online and focusing more on the needs of the customers. The project, therefore, has a purpose of streamlining the incorporation of e-commerce in the brick and mortar business. Since these changes will be associated with consumer privacy and security, the project will also ensure that the business data are secure. This will be reciprocated to the technology vendors and suppliers. When the project accomplish...
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