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National Service Corps: The Impacts of Professional Delivery Care (Essay Sample)


1. You want to return to school to advance in your profession. Financially you cannot do it at this time. Respond to the following:
Would you consider working for the National Service Corps for financial compensation in another area, another community, or in a designated poverty area? Why or why not?
If you accepted a position in another area that was unfamiliar to you, how would you prepare in advance to make the most out of the opportunity? Include the social and cultural aspects of the differences.
Would you consider working in one of these areas permanently? (2 references)
As the population ages, the need for more health care professionals grows. Discuss what kind of workforce will be needed in the future to care for the elderly. What specialty will be in demand for the future? Where will the majority of care be delivered? (2 references)


The Impacts of Professional Delivery Care
Institutional Affiliation
The Impacts of Professional Delivery Care
I would very much consider working for National Service Corps in any designated area. This is because this approach helps me not only acquire the finances needed to advance my education, but also allows me to get first-hand experience of another culture or community. This will greatly help me better understand the values of the community and in doing so help me improve my cultural competency (Srivastava, 2007). I can improve my cultural competency by learning the language, social norms, values, and practices of the community in which I serve. Although this is likely to be quite challenging socially at the beginning, it stands to have exponential rewards that are likely to improve my ability to work comfortably in diverse cultural and social settings (Dreachslin, Gilbert, & Malone, 2013). As far as working permanently is concerned, I would be open to making this cons

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