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'Dead Skunk Stench from Marijuana Farms outrages Californians (Essay Sample)


Give a brief description /summary/ central message of the videos (please avoid retelling). 2. How are these videos connected to economics? Did you have any insights intuitions, realization or reactions after watching these videos? How do these realizations relate to any of the concepts, models etc. taught in class? 3. Do you agree or disagree with the central message of these videos? What do you agree with and what do you disagree with? Do you have any policies to propose that would benefit our society? (make sure the policies are economic policies) 4. Your submission should have an outline: you can use 1 – 3 as the headings of the outline. Remember, the final submission has to be one document (pdf) in the link called Article Reflection 1 5. Write minimum 600 words, this assignment has 5 grade points (5% of the grade) 6. Make sure you have put your writing through a software: word / Grammarly etc. to have it proof read. You are looking to stay away from errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. Make sure that you pay attention to formatting by using a non-fancy font (Times New Roman, 12 point font is the most commonly used), double spaced writing and one inch margins.


Article Reflection 3
Every action taken by a business entity or an individual may have an economic impact in a community. This is the same case shown in the central message of the articles ''Dead Skunk Stench from Marijuana Farms outrages Californians' and ‘’New Jersey man says township wanted to charge him $8,000 a week for Christmas lights display.’’ Therefore this work will provide an analysis of the two articles to determine the impact of the central information that they show.
The article ''Dead Skunk' Stench from Marijuana Farms outrages Californians' describes a situation where the public complains of stinky odor from the plantations. This follows the legalization of marijuana in the state where most people invest in the project and earns considerable amounts of dollars (Fuller 4). The issue of the smell calls for concern about the smell from the plantations that affect school students and neighbors. However, the article ‘’New Jersey man says township wanted to charge him $8,000 a week for Christmas lights display’’ raises a concern as to whether people should be charged for services offered to the public for free but raises an extra cost to the government. The Christmas lights were meant to improve security and public safety at the region (Loyer 3). However, the lights attracts more people who come to see them which cause heavy traffic and crowd, thereby, forcing the police to come in to control the situation. Though the lights are offered for free, it imposes an extra cost to the police department.
The article about the business of growing marijuana relates to an economic concept of the negative externality. A negative externality is an additional cost to the community as a result of a business transaction. The smell from the plantations affects the members of the community who are not even benefiting from the business. The second article a

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