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Health and Medicine Paper (Essay Sample)


Case Study


Jesse is a 22 year old Caucasian male.  He is a university student who lives at home with his parents.  He is a smoker and an occasional intra-nasal cocaine user.

Medical Background:    allergic to penicillin, tonsils removed at age 7,  smoker ½ pack/day for 7 years

Admitting Diagnosis:     Goodpasture’s syndrome, Glomerulonephritis

Goodpasture syndrome: rare autoimmune disease; antibodies attack basement membranes in lungs and kidneys

Glomerulonephritis:  inflammation of glomerulus in kidney

Presented to ER with:    back pain below ribs, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, pale skin, fatigue, weakness and confusion

Treatments:    corticosteroids (anti-inflammatories), immunosuppressive therapy - cyclophosphamide (treats autoimmune diseases) and plasmapheresis (return of blood components to plasma and rapidly removes circulating antibodies)

Outcome:      Jesse suffered severe glomerular damage which led to renal failure.   In addition to the treatments already mentioned, he is receiving hemodialysis three times per week.  He will be referred for renal transplantation.  

Social Worker – Tina


Health and Medicine
Health and Medicine
Aside from the treatment cost, patients often incur additional costs like expensive diet, transportation cost and in some instance physical therapy. The staggering bills often leave families with less finance to cater for other expenses such as education. As a social worker, I would help the patient in the case study to apply for various educational scholarships. Furthermore, I would link the patient with support groups of people with renal diseases, where he will get not only emotional support but also financial support to alleviate some of his financial burdens.
As a social worker if the patient needs to stop doing drugs, I would enroll him in a rehabilitation center as soon as possible. Since the patient is a chronic smoker and cocaine user, his continued use of this drugs will only worsen his condition and hamper his treatment.
Dialysis is an expensive ...
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