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The Future of Health Care Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


As "soon to be" health care professionals and future leaders you will be tasked with making rational, reasonable, decisions that will surely impact patients, staff, and the very nature of health care itself. The most effective leaders try, at all times, to make decisions that improve patient care outcomes, preserve the trust of your staff, and promote the delivery of health care as an ethical responsibility.
Select the read the following: Healthcare Trends for 2018
This article speaks to 8 themes that reveal key healthcare trends.
Explore two of the eight health care trends
Include the following aspects in the discussion:
Investigate all eight themes
Choose two themes that you feel will be most significant in the future
Summarize the themes as they are now and as you envision them in the future
Discuss your peers future visions of health care in their chosen themes


Healthcare Trends for 2018
Student’s Name
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Healthcare Trends for 2018
During the development of Healthcare Trend 2018, the US Senate failed to replace, change, and repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which left the market unchanged according to the legislative point of view, consequently, leading to the re-energization of commercial health insurance and market trends (Vogenberg & Santilli, 2018). Some of the eight key trends include Technology Acceleration and Transformative Market Impacts and Integrated Care for Population Health.
Integrated Care for Population Health
The taxpayers stipulate a model that will enable the providers to decide to take care of a specific patient population. The integrated framework will encourage healthcare institutions to deliver a high quality of treatment to

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