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Ethical Case Study Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Nursing Ethical Case Study with Scenario Assignment-Due Week 6
Begin the development of the Nursing Ethical Case Study with Scenario Paper assignment. You will have until the end of Week 6 to submit the final paper but are required to submit a draft by Week 5 using Turnitin.
Develop a detailed nursing ethical case study with scenario (using guidelines provided below) based on your area of nursing practice. The rubric for this assignment can be found in Week Six in the submission area.
Be sure to use references to defend the position that you take while developing your ethical scenario. This assignment needs to incorporate what you have learned from this class and incorporate this information into a possible or real ethical scenario that could occur at work. Do not use any identifiers for your workplace or your patient. Do not use names but rather a "large teaching hospital", "a community nursing home", "a home health agency" etc. This should be written as an APA paper using the APA 6th edition and not as a question and answer paper.
Please follow the guidelines provided. Use the term paper rubric. Please use APA format (Links to an external site.)6th edition.
Purdue Owl APA Sample Paper (Links to an external site.)
Support your discussion and opinions with relevant and recent peer-reviewed literature. Again, the submission forTurnitin draft is in week five. The final submission link in week six.
Nursing Ethical Case Study with Scenario.instructions.2.18(1)-4.docx


Nursing Ethical Dilemma Scenario
Institutional Affiliation
Nursing Ethical Dilemma Scenario
1.0 Introduction
End of life decision is a common dilemma in nursing practice. A patient may have a chronic illness that causes them severe pain and agony. In this scenario, family members and nurses are faced with a dilemma of ending the patient's life to save them from the suffering. In some cases, patients leave family members with specific end-of-life instructions. However, in many others, healthcare providers and families face a complex situation where the patient is not in a state to make any personal decision. This paper looks at a case study of a patient admitted in the intensive care unit at a large urban hospital.
2.0 Background
The patient was a Caucasian man aged 67 years old. He was a staunch Catholic priest in the local church. He did not have any physical disability. The man lived in a middle-class neighborhood with his wife of 30 years. They had three sons, and he shared a close bond with them. He took a life insurance policy ten years ago, with his sons and wife's main beneficiaries. He held a master's degree in Business Management and had operated a fast food restaurant for over 27 years. The man was healthy until 2016 when he started experiencing frequent strong headaches. They grew in intensity over the years. Soon, he started feeling other symptoms, such as seizures, memory losses, and blurred visions. When he visited the local large urban hospital neurology unit, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His income allowed him to access some of the best treatment options available. His tumor got worse in 2019, and he went for brain surgery. After the procedure, he was placed in life support in the ICU unit as his health deteriorated. So the family had to decide whether they should end his life, stop his suffering, or keep him alive and see him go through the endless pain.

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