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Drug Research: Cefazolin (Cephazolin; Ancef, Kefzol) (Essay Sample)


Drug ClassificationAntibiotics—Drug: Cefazolin



  1. This assignment allows students the opportunity to use their new knowledge of drugs in order to apply it to a patient care scenario and create an accompanying nursing care plan.


  1. This assignment allows students the opportunity to create a drug study card to share with their peers, if they so choose. 




  • The student will be provided with a drug by the professor.  
  • The student will create a patient care scenario – keep it realistic.
  • The student will use the information they have researched about the drug to apply to the patient from the patient care scenario.
  • The student will write a care plan for their patient pertaining to their drug. You should have at minimum two nursing diagnoses and they must be related to the drug.
  • The nursing care plan must be based on evidence from your textbooks.







  • Suggested Length – 6-8 pages (not including title page, references, appendices)
  • Include the following sections
    • Title page
    • Patient care scenario
    • Mechanism of action and therapeutic effects of drug
    • Therapeutic uses
    • Pharmacokinetics including aspects of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of the drug
    • Adult and pediatric dosages and modes of administration
    • Adverse effects
    • Contraindication and precautions
    • Food and drug interactions
    • Care plan
    • References (minimum of 2)
  • This is a formal paper and must adhere to APA (6th ed.)
  • EVERYTHING is due at the beginning of class on due date. 

Drug Research: Cefazolin (Cephazolin; Ancef, Kefzol)
Patient Case Scenario 1
Mr. y is a 78 year old retired teacher with type 1 diabetes. He has managed this condition for close to two years and he runs a butchery business which he started after his retirement. He lives with his wife who is in her mid sixty. He was brought to hospital suffering from pneumonia. His condition can be treated with cefazolin antibiotic which is very effective in treating most of the illnesses caused by gram –positive and some gram negative bacteria. Care should be taken to avoid or minimize adverse effects or even drug interaction because of the drugs he uses to manage his diabetic condition.
Case scenario 2
Mrs. W is a young woman who is 26 years old. She is a mother of one child who is 3 years old. She lives with her husband who is tender and caring as well as the sole bread winner of the family. She came into the hospital with complains of the lower abdominal ache and back ache. On examination, the lab tests indicated that she had severe urinary tract infection caused by susceptible bacterial organisms. She was prescribed cefazolin antibiotic to treat her condition. Care should be taken to avoid drug interaction because she is on family planning pills. She should be advised accordingly to ensure that she understands how the drug works and the possible adverse effects and how to manage them.
Mechanism of Action and Therapeutic Effects
Cefazolin just like other drugs in the class of Cephalosporins exert their bactericidal action by inhibiting the later stages of bacterial cell wall formation. Specifically cefazolin inactivates one or several penicillin-binding proteins as well as blocking cross-linking of peptidoglycan structure. In addition, cephalosporins are thought to be involved in activation of bacterial cell autolysins which are likely to cause bacterial cell wall lysis (Lilley et al, 2010).
Therapeutic Uses
The therapeutic classification of cefazolin is a First-Generation –Cephalosporin and is an antibiotic that is effective against a large spectrum of antimicrobial. It is effective against Gram-positive bacteria such as MSSA (methicillin –susceptible Staphylococcus aureus), coagulase negative Staphylococci, Streptococci species, penicillin-susceptible Streptococcus pneumonia and also Gram negative bacteria such as Maraxella catarrhalis , Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli and Proteus mirabilis (Lilley et al, 2010). The drugs classified in first class generation cephalosporin are prescribed to treat various conditions such as septicemia, pneumonia, bone and joint infections, bacteria endocarditis, otitis media, soft tissue and skin infections, urinary tract infections caused by susceptible bacterial organisms and burn wound infections. Cefazolin is the preferred drug for use in perioperative prophylaxis because it has a longer half-life (Mazuski, 2009).
Pharmacokinetic including Aspects of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion of the Drug
Cefalozin is administered either through intramuscular or intravenous routes. It well absorbed and is excreted untransformed in the urine primarily through glomerular filtration and to a lesser level through tubular secretion. After 500mg of cefazolin is administered intramuscularly, 56% to 89% of it is recovered within a period of 6 hours while roughly 80% to 100% is recovered within a period of 24 hours. Following intramuscular administration of 500g and 1g of cefazolin dose, the peak urine concentration above 1000mcg/Ml and 4000mcg/mL is achieved respectively. The mean serum levels in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis at 2L/hr is roughly 10 and 30 mcg/mL after 24 hours' instillation of a dialysing solution that contains 50mcg/mL and 150mcg/mL respectively. Intra-peritoneal administration of...
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