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Create a Workflow Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


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Explain the concept of workflow and its application for improving user interface in informatics clinical practice.
Create a future state workflow to solve an EHR problem in a clinical setting.
Explain the effects of the clinical workflow process on patient care quality.
Identify the users of the workflow.
Describe the identified opportunities for process improvement and how the future state workflow addresses these opportunities.
Describe how the future state workflow optimizes electronic documentation and reduces the number of steps.
Explain the effects of the future state workflow on patient care.
Explain how the future state workflow will change based on user needs.
Discuss how to develop an improvement plan to enhance the future state workflow.


Workflow in Nursing Healthcare
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Workflow in Nursing Healthcare
The use of workflows in nursing has become a major trend, in the wake of modern technology. The integration of the concept has been majorly motivated by the need to improve patient outcomes, the quality of health care, reduce operational costs, reduce the wait times, improve the overall effectiveness of organizations, and reduce the cycles and process times for nurses. Future state workflow shows opportunities of improving healthcare efficiency and reducing the cycle times.
Concept of workflow and its application for improving user interface in informatics clinical practice
Workflow is also referred to as process analysis, and it entails identification, prioritization, and ordering of the information and tasks required to achieve the projected results or a business or clinical process. It also involves utilizing new techniques in identifying and addressing environmental factors and information needs during the early stages of system implementation and selection (O'Brien, Weaver, Hook, & Ivory, 2015). The techniques employed help in identifying the process boundaries; establishing the common understanding of its steps, triggers, and results; analyzing the functioning of the current process; understanding how the process can be improved and streamlined; and developing use cases for guiding designing, developing, and supporting new systems for automating the process.

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