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Caring For A Patient Who Arrives In ER Rotation (Essay Sample)


Answer these 10 questions in APA format
After your ER rotation answer the following:
Complete a paper in APA format describing the care you provided for or discussed with the nurse about caring for a patient who arrives in ER with chest pain starting with triage.
1. What are the priority interventions at this time and why are those important?
2. What priority history is important to obtain now? Why do you need this information?
3. What priority do assessments need to be done now? Explain in detail.
4. What diagnostic tests need to be ordered and why?
5. Discuss discharge or transfer needs for this patient.
After viewing the following video answer the questions.
6. Describe the cath lab procedure for a radial artery cath including medications and assessments.
7. Discuss post cath care. What are the priority nursing interventions at this time?
8. How is the care different for a patient with a Non-STEMI versus a STEMI?
9. Discuss any differences that you observed or discussed in the care given to a patient with chest pain or a patient in cath lab compared to best practice guidelines.
10. Discuss the advantages of the Intra-aortic balloon pump and when it should be used.
This is the information during my ER rotation. 85 years old male Patient came to ER through EMS complaint of chest pain and shortness of breath, pain scale 7 out of 10, pain around the abdomen, pain on exertion or pain when moving. Patient history: dyspnea, Pneumonia, and Chronic Heart Failure.


ER Rotation
ER Rotation
The first and the priority intervention, in this case, will involve the monitoring of the physical therapy every thirty minutes. It is important as a nurse to assess the patient for the chest pains every hour to establish how they are feeling. It is also crucial to educate the patient on the way to report in case they have chest pains and discomfort increases. The troponins levels should also be drawn at every six hours intervals from the time that the patient is admitted at the ER. The patient should also be administered with Nitroglycerin 0.4mg Sublingual at an interval of every five minutes to relieve the chest pains the patient came in complaining about. The patient's EKG is also important to give reports on the pain levels as well as report to MD if there is any ST elevation.
There is a number of history elements that are a priority when the patient arrives at the ER. Some of them include current symptoms, current medication, any relevant past illness or condition, current or future living environment, family situation, objective measure of cognitive status, mobility and balance. As well as any nutritional needs and diseases risks.
The patient is also going to be assessed on a number of areas and the most important in this case include the historical assessment to establish what the patient has experienced in the past and any complications that they may experience in the course of the treatment. It is also crucial that the patient is evaluated on their physical elements.

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