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Nurse Practitioner Business Plan. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Elizabeth Jones, FNP-BC, has been an NP for 8 years. She has worked in the primary care setting, as well as the urgent care setting. She is considering relocating to a state that allows for unrestricted independent practice and opening her own primary care clinic. There are multiple benefits to owning an independent practice. However, owning a practice requires extensive knowledge and support. For an NP to establish independent practice, an appropriate plan must be developed. For this Assignment, you will create a Business Plan for your potential future business.
Write a 2-3 page paper Business Plan that addresses the following:
Identify and explain your chosen business structure
Estimate monthly cost for establishing your own independent practice in your home state, including:
Clinical site expenses
Employee structure and expenses
Utilities and other overhead expenses
Malpractice insurance
Continuing education expenses
Accounting fees
Services identified that you will provide (e.g., primary care services, drug screens, DOT exams)
Projected monthly income necessary to support your independent practice


Nurse Practitioner Business Plan
After thinking about the business idea, it is necessary to put this in writing and make the business plan as realistic as possible. Even as many people have business ideas, few decide to something to actualize them; nurse practitioners businesses are not that common compared to those focused on consumer goods and businesses, offering other professional services (McLaughlin et al., 2017). The business idea is that besides nursing services, the health team will provide quality care and support to patients and emphasize better health outcomes. One of the top priorities is an emphasis on the professional level of knowledge of science and experience nursing care among professional nurse practitioners to provide quality care.
One of the main requirements to be able to operate a business in Ecuador is to have a company legally in different states is to comply with certain requirements, and follow the right procedures to constitute a legal business entity. To ensure this, the required documentation is completed where the required rates and taxes are paid. The business would first be opened as a sole proprietorship and then incorporated later on. 

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