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Basing Nursing Practice on Evidence (Essay Sample)


Basing Nursing Practice on Evidence

As research practices evolved, healthcare practices have improved.

Today, some nursing practice is based on evidence, yet not all forms of evidence provide the best outcomes. As noted in this week's readings and media presentation, scientific research provides the best source of evidence. Evidence-based nursing practice takes into account scientific evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preferences. Using evidence-based nursing practices can improve patient outcomes along with quality and safety of care.

Reflect on nursing practice in general and then respond to the following:

  1. Define “evidence based practice”.
  2. What is the difference between “evidence based practice” and research?
  3. Why don't nurses use evidence-based findings in their practice?
  4. Based on the reasons you provided above, how could these barriers be reduced or overcome in the agency where you work?
  • NOTE: If the agency where you work has already addressed this problem, provide information about it and share how well the strategy works.

Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.


Basing nursing practice on evidence
Course title:
Evidence based practice is an interdisciplinary approach in nursing practices. It is based on the several principles which touch on aligning the practical decisions to research studies. On grounds of the evidence based practice, the research studies must be subjected to evaluation aligned to specific norms. Fitzsimons & Cooper (2012) note that; evidence based practice disqualifies the practical and qualitative studies and orients to the quantitative studies, but these are also subjected to a narrow set of criteria.
Research on itself denotes the findings of the reality on the ground. Research...
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