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Sociology of Mental Health and Illness (Essay Sample)

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Age and ageing Name Tutor Institution Date Abstract Aging is inevitable, yet a concern in the society. The paper develops a scenario several ideologies ageing and aspects that pertain to ageing. Ageing comes with many challenges for the affected and infected. Several measures need to be put in place order to reduce to reduce the effects of ageing on most youths. Over the years, ageing has been a grievous issue within every societal setting, hence the need to come up with a viable measures to eradicate the vice. The paper recommends a series of approaches that will avert the ongoing ageing problems in the society. Essentially, coming up with a viable framework will lead to a preventive approach to dealing with ageing problems. Age refers to the number of years an individual has lived since their date of birth. On the other hand, ageing, refers to a stage of optimum growth. Age and ageing triggers social and health concerns since during this stage, development begins deteriorating. Aging is associated with health problems and inability to accomplish strenuous tasks. Currently, many efforts have been staged to address issues that pertain to aging. Gerontology has been conceptually employed in the understanding of the aging process and its relation with biological and psychological aspects amongst people aged above 65 years. Understanding aspects of aging are necessary since they help safeguard the lives of people whose health start deteriorating, as they grow older. Geriatrics is the body of health that is used in the study of diseases and all forms of ailments that affect the elderly. Social, economic, and individual efforts should be employed in order to address the problems facing the aged in the current society. The epidemiological and psychological aspects that affect ageing are some amongst many aspects that dominate major publications due to the academic efforts involved. The effects of ageing seem to escalate, a factor that has been blamed on a loophole in the health sector. Many people seem to have minimal concerns amongst the old. The government and community have the responsibility of safeguarding the welfare of the elderly. Every complete society must comprise of people of all ages and class; hence, no one should lack health services due to old age. Negligence, especially on the health sector is a grievous and needs to be averted in order to address the plight of the aged ( HYPERLINK "/search.htm?ct=all&st1=William+A.+Jackson&fd1=aut" \o "Author search for William A. Jackson." Jackson 1992). Literature survey in age and ageing: Walker and Martimo (2000) have made extensive research on the quality face of life amongst the old. Quality assessment of life has currently focused on professionalism. Many assert that old is gold. Recognition of this fact could alleviate the current social problems and the perception that old people are a burden to the society. The old might not have extensive strength and vigor; however, ...
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