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Advocating for Social Justice (Essay Sample)


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Discussion 1: Advocating for Social Justice
This course has presented the various roles of the public and community health nurse. The media presenters and the course textbook have covered this in depth. As you prepare for this final Discussion, consider what you have read and heard about the future of public health. Reflect on the readings, Web resources, and media presentations presented throughout this course about the role of the nurse in a community/public health setting and vulnerable populations. Then, respond to the following:
1---What is the community health nurse's role in advocating for social justice for vulnerable populations and in eliminating health disparities?
2--How do you see community health care and the role of the community health nurse changing in the future?
Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.

Advocating for Social Justice
Course title:
Advocating for social justice
Public health nurses (PHNs) are expected to promote social justice for everybody. Elimination of disparities and inequities in health rests on a concrete foundation of public and nursing practice. Health disparities amongst vulnerable populations such as older citizens, racial/racial minorities, and the disabled in America are real and represent a significant threat to the country’s future (Schmelzer, 2013). This paper discusses the role of the community health nurse in advocating for social justice for at-risk populations and in eradicating disparities in health. Furthermore, how community health and the role of the community health nurse are likely to change in future are mentioned.
Social justice emanates from values of objectivity and impartiality at a governmental or systems level and is based upon the principles of tolerance, respect for self and human dignity, equity and fairness (Carlisle, 2013). In advocating for social justice for at risk populations and eliminating health disparities, the role of the community health nurse is to act according to fair treatment despite sexual orientation, disability, citizenship, age, ethnicity, race, and economic status. By being focused on social justice for vulnerable populations, public health nurses advocate for all the underserved groups and insist tha...
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