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A day in the Life as a Provider (Essay Sample)

nterdisciplinary team concepts promote better patient care through increased communication. Choose two allied health specialties from either The Association of Schools for Allied Health Professions website or the textbook. Write a paper addressing the specialties that would interact during a typical work day in a hospital, a long-term care facility, and an out-patient clinic. Be sure to specifically address the following: 1. Include the specialties. 2. What is their function? 3. How does it impact your specialty? 4. How does it impact the patient? 5. What if the facility did not have that specialty? 6. Who would be able to take over that function? 7. Would you be willing to be cross-trained for the function? 8. Is there a written policy for coverage issues? source..

A medical technologist works in the laboratory section of health institutions where the principal job description is to collect samples from patients and conduct tests on them for the purposes of detecting diseases. The samples collected for testing are blood, tissues and other bodily fluids such as urine. They also collect and analyze blood samples to be used in transfusions by confirming the blood group and checking for any peculiarities in the blood. Generally, the medical technologist acts as the in-charge of the laboratory, supervises the technicians working in the unit, and is responsible for all the equipment and machinery (Explore Medical Careers). A respiratory therapist on the other hand is a specialist in managing different aspects of respiratory related cases in patients. The key roles performed by respiratory therapists include placing patients with breathing complications on ventilators and other artificial respirators such as aerosol generators. They also handle emergency cases for patients including conducting cardiac massage and resuscitation (Career Planner).
In as much as these medical professions have been around for years recent technological advancements have created significant improvements in the dispensation of quality healthcare to patients in hospitals and other health facilities. The medical technologists for instance, now have access to modernized laboratory equipment that can enable them conduct multiple and sophisticated tests on samples within shorter durations of time as compared to a decade or so ago when some analyses could run into several days. These developments have given patients a new lease of life as the modernity in the medical laboratories enables a faster diagnosis of ailments and proper management thereof.
Practitioners in respiratory therapy have also had positive impacts in the specialty in recent years through the development of more effective equipment for the support and care of patients, which has immensely reduced the number of acute cases (Barnes et. al. 2011, p.682). The therapists have acquired new techniques and training mostly in the areas of diagnosing and managing respiratory cases, therapeutics and emergency care among other competencies which have provided patients with more specia...
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