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Summarizing Knowledge Of Print Reading For Industry (Essay Sample)


Write an Essay summarizing what you have learned about industrial print reading.  


Print Reading for Industry
Engineers can use symbols to communicate or pass a large amount of information which would otherwise occupy or take a lot of space in passing it along. The manufacturing industry employs the use of print reading to relay information from the drafting tables about equipment and their systems that would seem hard to elaborate in words to a layman. The intensive course provides learners with very important information on industrial print reading which equips them for the working environment and advanced units in the course of the learning processes. It is therefore important to make sure that upon completion of the unit the student garners as much information as possible as the knowledge gained goes a long way in the application to the real working situation. As a qualified engineer or in the event of training-on-the job one should exhibit their skills in reading print to have an advantage over other persons seeking the same position. As a student, though, industrial print reading provides a wealth of knowledge that can be summarized into different categories in accordance with the various fields covered. Walter C. Brown and Ryan K. Brown's Print Reading for Industry provides a comprehensive approach to engineering students seeking to enhance themselves by learning important details of the important field of study. A summary of what is entailed in the book creates a scope of what is expected from a student on completion of the unit print reading for the industry.
A print refers to a copy of a drawing which a reader interprets to a particular audience in a given situation. It is important to outline the objectives laid out at the beginning of the course unit and create an analytical assessment based on them as to how well one has acquainted themselves with the vital lessons on print reading. Establishing the objectives guides the learning process as individuals can test themselves based on guidelines stipulated by the unit's expectations on its completion. The industry's form of communication should pose some underlying objectives for a learner if they are to be successful print readers in the engineering field. At the end of the reading, and through one of the laid out objectives, I managed to understand the significance of prints. Serving as the universally accepted language in the manufacturing industry, print reading serves various purposes and occupational fields within the sector. Prints or drawings, as they are commonly referred, are used by a cross-section of designers, technicians, and engineers alike in performing their daily tasks at hand. The most important function of prints is that it provides the workers using them with detailed information of the size of an object, equipment, or system. Crucial information on a system's tolerance for the task to be performed or an equipment's ability to withstand certain working conditions is also conveyed through the use of prints. Another importance of prints is that it informs the worker about the material used, the finish applied, and any other special treatment to consider when handling a given equipment.
Print reading for industry also enables one to understand the historical background of the unit of study. It allows one to understand the historical processes associated with prints or rather its development process since its invention and the technical advances achieved in the field during its evolution. One of the fields that are closely related or forms a direct correlation to print reading is referred to as the study of drafting. Whilst print reading deals with the discerning symbols to decipher their hidden messages, drafting deals with the making of technical drawings. It is a historic field of study that has been in use for generatio...

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