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Dangers And Precautions: Jupiter's Biggest Moons (Essay Sample)


This LA option requires your group to visit (virtually) any one of the many Jovian moons or dwarf planets in the solar system. Your first decision, as a group, is to decide which moon (or dwarf planet) to explore. Of course, it must have appealing characteristics and visiting such a place as a researching astronomy cohort must have a scientific purpose; this is not a vacation. Which body would you pick, and why? What dangers would you face in exploring this moon or dwarf planet and what precautions would you have to take for your visit (cite at least three dangers and concomitant precautions)? Design at least three specific experiments would you undertake and describe what you would hope to accomplish in selecting and designing each experiment? Do not let the lack of current technology constrain your thinking; it is acceptable to imagine experiments that are not yet possible, but you will have to describe any new technologies that your stretched mind might conceive.
we explore for the moon of a jovian, and only write for the dangers and precautions.
only do for the lo moon's dander and precautions.


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June 9, 2017
Dangers and Precautions
Io, one of the Jupiter's biggest moons, orbits the planet at about 421, 700 km above the surface. Among the other Jovian moons, what makes Io distinct is that it has over 400 active volcanoes (dubbed as the most volcanically active world in the solar system) which are spewing out sulfur as well as sulfur dioxide regularly, which is very evident from the color of the moon's surface CITATION NASnd \l 1033 (NASA, n.d.). Basically, the very active volcanism in the moon's surface is because of the ‘tug-o-war' that's happening between Jupiter and the other Galilean moons which also has a massive effect on it. Thus, in order to go there, it would be best to have a space rover or any kind of vehicle that would not only support life by having an oxygen supply, but also one that is robust and strong enough to withstand any sudden eruptions that might happen during the study in the moon's surface. This means that the vehicle should not only be strong enough to withstand any debris that hits it, but also s

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