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Multiple intelligence and the design of web-based instruction. (Essay Sample)

This is an essay proposal for my teacher... source..
MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE AND THE DESIGN OF WEB-BASED INSTRUCTION By (Your name) Presented to (Instructor/Tutor) (Course/Subject) (Institution/University) (City/State) (Date) Multiple Intelligence and the Design of Web-Based Instruction Due to advancement of technology in the training and growth of distance training use of multiple intelligence to design web based instructions has been improving over the days. This has been caused by the current shift towards more students opting to do distance based education training. This is a research proposal on use of Multiple Intelligence; it will evaluate on the most appropriate intelligence features to be incorporated in the website. For the purpose of this research proposal it will evaluate on seven intelligences. Which include linguistic intelligence, logical mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, Musical intelligence, Bodily kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence and Naturalist intelligence. Linguistic Intelligence According to Gardner, Milheim & Osciak, (2005) educational systems are mostly favor those who are using linguistic and logical mathematical learners. Linguistic intelligence is also know as verbal. Linguistic is for use of words effectively either when it is written or spoken. This intelligence is highly developed by orators, story tellers, editors and journalists during their duty of operations on daily basis (Allen, 2003). This form of career includes a lot of speaking and writing hence they need a lot of linguistic intelligence to remain competitive in the industry. Likewise for the students with high degree they learn through listening and reading they do also enjoy reading books (Winner, 1988). Therefore, it is necessary to keep on updating their skills for linguistic intelligence. Such students and career people would benefit from linguistic intelligence by use of word processors which allow voice annotations, software`s which have speech out and those which would assist them create essays and poets as well as desktop publishing programs. Use of videodiscs, tape recorders and multimedia do also support such kind of training. The main reason why it`s very necessary to include linguistic intelligence is because of its effect on ability to use written and verbal means of communication in training. Hence, it is responsible of drawing syntax, semantics, word forms and other means of communication. A good example of someone with high degree of linguistic intelligence is a poet or journalist. Another reason is its role in educations systems for it to be effective there must be both written and verbal communication. According to Jansak, (2011) the most effective means of awakening the linguistic intelligence is through writings and reading, having discussions to expound on ideas, learn use of new words and research on areas on topics of interest with an aim of improving verbal and written skills. Logical Mathematical Intelligence Logical mathematical intelligence uses number to reason effectively. These skills are highly developed by computer programmers, statisticians, accountants and mathematicians. While students those who uses logical mathematical intelligence are those who study computer programming software, spreadsheet and database programs and computer programming software (Boulton, 2002). Use of logistical mathematical intelligence would benefit professionals and students through provision of skills in development of software`s and other forms of numerical calculations. It has a combination of mathematical, scientific and logical ability of using numerical values. Logical mathematical intelligence does not have any relation to verbal or audio spheres which are used for ordering and assessment of various objects which has different impacts on the object...
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