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Edu 6813- week 4 discussion “ Common Core Standards for Math in California “ for grade 6-8 (Essay Sample)


Review the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics located at: http://www(dot)cde(dot)ca(dot)gov/be/st/ss/index.asp (Links to an external site.).
Respond to the following prompts in the Common Core discussion by Sunday.
Annotate the common core math standards that pertain to the grade you teach ( 6-8) or your case study student.
Which standards are difficult for your student(s)? How would you tackle these problematic standards?
Do you feel there are too many standards? Not enough? What can we do about it? Which ones would you cut out or add and why?
Is it better for students to be exposed to all the standards, even if it means sacrificing mastery? Which is better, breadth or depth? Why?
Note. The above questions are to guide you if you need prompts to think about, they are not mandatory. If you have other ideas to discuss that relate to your grade level mathematics standards, forge ahead.


Core Standards for Mathematics in California
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November 18, 2019
Core standards are important for both the teacher and the student. On the one hand, it helps the teacher improve his skills in teaching the field and ensure high-quality performance despite the demands of the profession. On the other hand, it also helps the student to develop the skills needed and required to be able to pass state and federal assessment tests.

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