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Administration, Finance, Logistics - Miami, Florida (Essay Sample)


write a sample portion of an emergency plan for that section for your hometown or another municipality of your choice. Make sure to include as much information as possible that is specific to the location you choose for Administration, Finance, Logistics.
Please refer back to the Model Town EOP we covered during Week 4 of the course in order to give you an example to reference for your paper. This is only one example that can be used for this project, and students should feel free to use other EOP examples for this project.
It should clearly demonstrate the main ideas regarding emergency planning that we have covered in the Comprehensive Planning Guide and Fundamentals of Emergency Management.


Administration, Finance, Logistics- Miami, Florida
For the various incidents management activities are preformed and regardless of whether the incidents are small at least one person is involved in the emergency operations. The command system has a command section, operations, planning, logistics, finance and administration (Arora & Arora, 2012). Logistics is important to offer support and required services when there is an emergency, while finance and administration is important to monitor costs, address procurement, accounting needs and cost analyses. The emergency teams are expected to work safely and effectively to influence favorable outcomes in emergencies on the proper management of incidents. This emergency plan focuses on Miami, Florida addressing the administration, finance and logistics needs.
Administration and finance are closely intertwined and all the administrative duties are handled are handled together with functions to manage emergency operations. For instance, contract administration and keeping detailed records are prioritized to ensure that all the bills are paid on time and accurately. More people migrate to the cities, and this strains resources as original budgets amounts become inadequate and Miami is facing this challenge. Nonetheless, to ensure there is adequate response during emergencies the administrative duties will be carried out as per the line of command where there is better coordination and management of resources.
The finance section will be responsible for keeping track of the costs and procurement of resources, where all the personnel and activities are recorded and target the incidents, while there is a procurement unit personnel tasked with procurement of the supplies and equipment. Additionally, costs saving methods are to be developed as Miami, faces budgetary shortfalls that may result in cutting essential services in emergency planning operations. The different functions are directed towards managing the emergency scenarios at the Emergency operation Center. This will allow the emergency personnel to operate at satellite locations including the logistics center, forward command centers near scenes that depend on the size and magnitude of the incidents.
Since the responsibility of administration and finance section is to cater for all the costs and financial actions related to incidents, getting the available funds goes a long way in improving service delivery and supporting response. There will be adequate financial control and ke

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