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Consequences of Low Estrogen Production in the Female Body (Essay Sample)

Ovaries secrete the hormone estrogen in greater amounts after menstruation and a few days before ovulation. Among its many effects, estrogen causes the up-regulation of receptors in the uterus for another hormone secreted by the ovaries, called progesterone. Progesterone, which is secreted after ovulation, prepares the uterine wall for possible implantation of an embryo. Pregnancy cannot occur unless the embryo implants in the uterine wall. Predict the consequence of the ovaries secreting too little estrogen. source..

Consequences of Low Estrogen Production in the Female Body
Consequences of Low Estrogen Production in the Female Body
Estrogen is a reproduction hormone secreted by the female body. Its primary function is to prepare the female body for pregnancy, nourishment of the fertilized ovum, and secretion of progesterone. In particular, estrogen triggers the growth in size of female sex organs such as the fallopian tube, ovaries, vagina, and the uterus (Pinon, 2002, p. 122). These changes are essential for fertilization and implantation of the embryo to occur, as well as its development. On its part, progesterone promotes the development of secondary female characteristics, for example the mammary glands (breasts), which are essential for lactation.
Accordingly, deficiency of estrogen in the female body may result in low levels or absence of ovulation, complications during pregnancy, and in some cases, infertility. This is how it happens. Estrogen is the most ...
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