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where have been and where are you going (Essay Sample)

write two pages analytical essay on the short story "where are you going where have you been" I don't want copy paste from the internet. the only reference you can use is the book. you can find that on the internet. source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Connie: Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Introduction The story takes center stage in the 60s within the suburbia, and revolves around the life of a teenage girl. Reading through the story today one gets the notion that the setting is in suburbs as most the environments that the characters are interacting with are far from what would be called urban today. Connie is the main character in this story that was published by Joyce carol Oates. Connie is in her teenage years and she goes through some tough times, which the readers can all relate with at one time or the other during their own lifetime. Thesis Too much of anything is very dangerous. Analysis The writer is able to connect with the readers using the emotions that the piece elicits from them through the actions of Connie. It is thus much easier for the reader to understand the story and the main themes that the writer wants to put across, once they relate with the difficulties that Connie went through as a teen, as much as they did themselves. Ideally there is a school of thought that has never come to terms with the idea that a young teenage girl can up and leave with a total stranger as such this has been a source of debate for decades now unending. There is also the element of Connie having too much of pretty much everything that made her character and thus eventually vulnerable. One of her character that comes out as an excess in its self is her confidence. She is too confident that she develops a sense of security which is why she makes a lot of bad choices. This confidence had grown from the fact that...
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