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Child development (Essay Sample)

Describe the changes in family dynamics at the birth of a child as they affect each of the following: newborn, mother, father, siblings, and extended family of the new parents. Focus on the experiences that each may have or feel and the changes they may deal with. source..
New-Borns and Their Effect on the Family Dynamics Name: Institution: Introduction Having a baby is entrancing, but, it can also be a daunting task which can upset the family emotional balance, at the nuclear and the extended level. These changes revolve around making adjustments to welcome the new born in the family circle. The family members will have to reorganise their schedules, habits, behaviour around the baby. For those family members that are working, the arrival of the baby will certainly change. Discussion For the baby, it is now outside the safe haven it has known for the last nine months and onto a new environment. The only skill they have, which allows them to communicate with the other members of the family is crying when they need something done. With time they add onto their skill set and can give cues to the family members. With this new alertness, they are bound to perceive more stimuli from the new environment, and have to develop mechanism of coping with the changes. The mother of all the family members is at the centre of the new-born’s circle of influence and is likely to undergo more changes than anyone else.This changes span from the physical to the mental and emotional redefinition. At the emotional level, it is common to have the mother suffering from the ‘baby blues’. In this case, they may exhibit signs of anxiety, panic, and weepiness as well as feeling hopelessness. These are common as the mothers feel as though t...
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