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Overcoming Public Speaking Phobia (Essay Sample)

https://mycourses(dot)excelsior(dot)edu/bbcswebdav/pid-271730-dt-forum-rid-246102_1/xid-246102_1 https://mycourses(dot)excelsior(dot)edu/bbcswebdav/pid-271730-dt-forum-rid-245200_1/courses/LA.201201.COMM125.s30020213/pdf/ch2_speech_phobia.pdf Based on your self-assessment and the PDF you read, think about and address this topic in a 150-200 word discussion post: After analyzing your self-assessment, what technique offered in the essay is most likely to work for you and why? If you do not have speech anxiety, talk about why you do not and how having some anxiety can be used to your advantage. source..

Overcoming Public Speaking Phobia
Overcoming Public Speaking phobia
After reading the essay, I identify proper preparation prior to the speech event as one of the techniques most likely to work for me in overcoming my nervousness. My biggest fear is failing to give a satisfactory speech or not having enough facts to keep me going for the entire session. Proper preparation means that I will have enough facts at my finger tips and gain a deeper understanding of the topic. This is helpful in avoiding any tension or fears that may arise from having a negative opinion of one’s ability to deliver a good speech (Gregory, 2010, p. 4). This is also important for self confidence; knowing that I know what I’m doing, and perhaps knowing it better than the audience, can inspire my confidence and sense of importance. Perhaps this is why teachers rarely get nervous before students; they are consciously aware that they know better than their students, and, therefore, speak with confidence and authority. In this regard, proper preparation is essential in placing me in a teacher-like role and my audience in the students’ role.
Another point raised by the essay’s author is the importance of psychological conditioning. The author suggests that most speakers fail because they only imagine worst-case scenarios, thus conceding defeat even before attempting (p. 1). Accordingly, I think that having a positive attitude will enhance my confidence. Instead of focusing on worst-case scenarios as the possible outcome of the speech, I should visualize positive outcomes where I deliver an interesting speech. This strategy will ...
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