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English DSQ: The Role of Grammar (Essay Sample)

Take a drive or walk around your neighborhood, place of work or military station, and copy down any signs or advertisements that are incorrectly punctuated and post them to the this discussion board. If you cannot locate any public grammar mistakes, identify a mistake that you tend to make or have made in the past. Explain to the grammatically challenged why grammar is important in today's society. source..

The Role of Grammar

The Role of Grammar
The role of grammar in today’s contemporary world can never be underestimated. Grammar plays a critical role in our everyday endeavors be it driving around the block or merely a social interaction. Given the dynamic nature of language, grammar continues to function in literature as well as in everyday conversation. No single communication will be complete without the presence of a good grammatical framework. This article seeks to address the roles and perceptions associated with grammatical incoherent statements and their utmost repercussion on different tasks.
To start with, a sentiment is considered grammatically correct if it is well punctuated and makes grammatical sense. In a recent a survey by the Federal Highway Authority, 5% of ghastly accidents along the major North American Highways were attributed to grammatically incorrect road signs. The following are examples of poorly constructed road signs that can have a negative implication to both the pedestrian and the motorist:
CAUTION PEDESTRIANS SLOW. The following sentiment is grammatically incorrect as it has not been well punctuated. From the driver’s perspective, this can be seen as a warning to pedestrians to slow down. On the other hand, from the pedestrian angle he or she might see it as a counsel to drivers to slow down. However, the rational sign ought to read CAUTION PEDESTRIANS CROSSING.
Another instance of a grammatically incorrect road sign was spotted at a zebra crossing opposite a local coffee shop. The following words were inscribed in it ‘EXCEED SPEED LIMIT 5MPH.’ this statement is illogical as no rational driver is expected to speed at a zebra crossing. The assumption is that there was an error of omission of some words hence the statement should read ‘DO NOT EXCEED SPEED LIMIT 5MPH’.
Similarly, poor constructed sentences were spotted at garbage recycle bin reading ‘BEHEAD OF GLOBAL WARMING’. It is my strong conviction that this was not the intended message being conveyed hence the warning should have read ‘BEWARE OF GLOBAL WARMING.’ It is prudent noting that the dispatcher of the message had a good motive of reminding people to embrace recycling to minimize the impact of global warming though the message did not clearly come out.
Advertisements have also not been left out in making grave grammatical mistakes. In one of the local daily newsp...
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