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Design Thinking Creative Writing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Read the article that is attached, and discuss the observations of the article based on your design thinking experience.


Design Thinking
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Design Thinking
Design thinking refers to an iterative process that seeks to comprehend users’ needs, redefine problems, and challenge assumptions to come up with innovative solutions. In particular, it improves the usefulness and creativity of solutions. One of the primary issues that hinder team members from solving a specific problem is the lack of considering the people affected. However, design thinking is user-centered, and it facilitates the development of a solution to a particular problem from users’ perspectives. For this reason, it defines the issue, empathize, ideate, test, and implement a prototype. Currently, the world is increasingly becoming complex and interconnected, which makes it difficult to act on the rapidly changing environment. Design thinking provides a means of solving various problems in a human-centric manner. Indeed, it facilitates the implementation of the most appropriate and innovative solutions that are user-centered.

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