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How Do Writers Effectively Persuade Their Audiences (Essay Sample)


For our first paper, we will be examining the question "How do writers effectively persuade their audiences?”

The Assignment:

You will present an insight that you have learned and attempt to convince us that this insight is true using several different types of evidence.

First, think of something that your life has taught you. This can be an insight about yourself, your field of study, one of your hobbies, or something about life itself. This claim should be more than just a fact or a quick tip (like "It's best to have a clean kitchen when cooking" or "I'm a more creative writer at night") and should avoid generalization or cliche (such as "Food gives us life" or "Writing is about communicating"). Instead, your claim should be specific, and something that can be illustrated or supported though your own thoughts, experiences and knowledge (like, "Cooking can help a person stay connected to their culture" or "In learning to be better writers, we learn to be better thinkers.")

The Expectations:

Your paper should demonstrate the following skills:

1. The ability to clearly support a claim with various types of specific evidence
These pieces of evidence can be many different things: stories from your past, your experiences, things that others have taught you, facts related to the insight, or other instances of personal or cultural experience. If you need help thinking about types of evidence, remember all the different ways the authors support their claims in "Million Dollar Murray" and “When Pets Attack” and consider using similar examples.
2. The ability to use clear, focused paragraphs, transitional sentence, and overall structure to create a cohesive and compelling argument
3. The ability to use various elements of writing and style discussed in class to create a specific, intentional effect in your reader that is suited to your purpose

Your paper should also meet the following technical demands:
1.4-6 pages in length


How do writers Effectively Persuade Their Audiences
Writers are phenomenal individuals. They know how to induce emotions like anger, joy, etc. They also know how to drive certain narratives and to ensure that people stay interested in their stories. However, writers also come under fire especially from their audience and other stakeholders when they fail to deliver quality content. Well, any expert in writing will agree that at one time in their life and career, they had to persuade or convince their audience. While seeking to persuade one's audience, there are several things one needs to note or use to help enhance their work. When I first was introduced to writing, I thought that it was a tool to be used to for assignments and for teachers to help us understand what the different subjects entail. However, by and by, I have come to appreciate the power writing has in propelling narratives, creating narratives, and even quashing narratives. Writing is indeed a powerful tool but while seeking to persuade, one has to employ other tactics to supplement their writing skills. While addressing how cooking has impacted my life and opened the door for new ideas, this article seeks to show how writers can persuade their audiences.
Cooking is often considered a mediocre job and one that is left for the maid servants. However, for me, cooking has helped me expand my perspective on a lot of things including writing. Every person who knows how to cook, often consider the following things before they start cooking: what they are going to cook, the ingredients they will use in their cooking, who should be considered for the dish being prepared, how they will serve their guests or themselves, and finally, how the result or the dish being prepared will turn out to be. Thinking critically about the above, one notes that as a writer, the above could be tools to help one persuade their audience. Persuading a person or an audience needs a plan and just like cooking, you need to prepare adequately.
First of all, cooking helped me to know that I have to make certain decisions before which lead me to decide what I will cook. As a writer, one needs to know what they will address in their article. Knowing this is crucial for every writer. You must have a story to give your audience or else you may end up failing to deliver any article.
The next thing cooking helps with is grasping the importance of knowing who to consider for dinner, lunch or supper. As a writer, you need to know your audience. Your audience dictates your approach, language, and any tools you will use in the article. While seeking to persuade, you should have ample background research on your audience lest you find yourself lacking in con

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