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(FI-111-35A) Was This Movie Any Good. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Introduction to Film (FI-111-35A)
Instructor: Fall, 2019
Essay #2: 750-Word Essay: “Was This Movie Any Good?”
DUE in the instructor’s email by 6:00PM, Thursday, Dec. 12
Email as an MS Word document or Google Docs link. Do not send a PDF file.
This assignment will ask you to analyze the 1976 occult thriller Carrie with an eye toward determining its general level of “aesthetic success.” As such, write a 750- word “critical evaluation” outlining the film’s most “noteworthy” or “virtuosic” elements, focusing specifically on camerawork, lighting, editing and sound. Then, based on your analysis, make a final judgment as to whether or not you feel the entire film deserves to be labeled as “good,” “very good” or “competent” in light of the degree of novelty and/or risk you observed throughout. Don’t do “research” on what other critics have said: trust your own skills and watch the film closely.
One final, important note: Carrie was a modestly budgeted film for the time. The other noteworthy horror feature released that year, The Omen, cost about twice as much, which suggests that the producers of Carrie had relatively limited resources.
Although you are not required to do so, you are welcome to include screen shots in your essay, with the understanding that your paper will contain 750 words of text.
Permission to “Edit”
If you send me a Google docs link, BE SURE TO GIVE ME PERMISSION TO EDIT.J


The Film
Carrie is a 1976 horror movie done by Brian De Palma. It revolves around a young lady called Carrie, who is first tossed into her realization of womanhood at a slightly later stage compared to the typical times. Her reaction to the blood she sees on herself while in the shower, the subsequent reaction of her peers who were also in there, and the screams is what sets the tone for the movie. The scenes quickly turn from what appears to be a general playful time for the young girls who are just coming from the gym, to a more dramatic and almost shocking one. Carrie seems not to have been ready for such a drastic change in her body, and this petrifies her even further. Being pushed too far to the corner by her peers at this juncture, she unleashes her other powers; telekinetic horror, which wreaks havoc. Looking at the cinematic aspects of the movie, it is worth noting that a number of things really stand out that give it quite a lot of aesthetic success.

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