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Breaking non-verbal codes in Communication and Interaction (Essay Sample)


1. answer the questions posed in essay format (including: introduction paragraph, thesis statement, transition sentences, conclusion paragraph, etc.).
2. Some Nonverbal codes (conventions, see the attached texts) are culturally bound. Think about what nonverbal codes we ascribe to. For example, when you walk into an elevator (with people riding), our convention is to not make eye contact, immediately turn so that we are facing the door, and either push the button for our designated floor, or ask for the floor button to be pushed by the person closest to the button panel. Now, imagine that instead, you walk in and face the people in the elevator. You smile, make eye contact and start a conversation. How might people react? This behavior is "breaking" a nonverbal code or convention.
For your assignment, break a nonverbal code/convention and pay attention. NOT anything illegal! But try doing this in a challenging way (i.e. not with your family, friends, roommates, etc.). Obviously, don't use the elevator example I just gave you.
Write a short reflection paper that includes the following information:
1. Describe your situation. Where were you? Who were you with? What code were breaking?
2. How did you feel before, during, and after breaking the code?
3. What reaction(s), if any, did you receive from those who experienced your code breaking?
4. What, if anything, was most surprising to you about this experience?


Breaking non-verbal codes in Communication and Interaction
For this assignment, I chose the non-verbal rule of not talking deeply with people who work in department stores. Usually, the environment for speaking with people who work in department stores only allows for a transaction of buyer to product. It does not involve asking about deeper aspects of life about the employee. I was alone I was inside a mall. The employees were doing their best to promote the product that they specialize in. before breaking the code, I was excited as to how the interaction would come out to be.
I was a little nervous that they would reject me trying to speak to an inner and deeper part of their humanity. It felt awkward to try to ask about topics that were not usually talked about, like mundane things like love life and family. However, I did my

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