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Personal Strategic Plan: Audience Characteristics Media Mix (Essay Sample)


*Please use your imagination on for this--as it was a very last minute assignment. Make something up! I will be looking for a job in Southern California.
Personal Strategic Plan (for my future job search in the Public Relations field)
Answer the following questions in the paper:
a. Goals/objectives (What do you want to do in the Public Relations field?)
b. Audience characteristics (Who do you need to reach to get what you want?) *Your audience is your future employer* 
c. Media mix (Where do you need to communicate to reach the people who can help you get what you want?)
d. Message strategy by audience segment (What should/can you do to tailor your message to your audience? What makes it appealing for them?) by goal/objective (What can your audience do to help you achieve your goal?) by media channel (How does the media channel change the kind of message you prepare?) by time (How should you sequence a stream of messages?)
e. Set benchmarks to measure success (What results from your communication activities would constitute success for you?)"


Personal Strategic Plan
Personal Strategic Plan
Goals and Objectives
In the public relations field, I want to work in the media industry as a journalist and writer. The media offers a chance to convey information to the public on various issues, events, and concerns occurring in the world. Being a journalist and a writer offers a chance to gather information that is valuable to specific groups of people and conveying it accurately. For instance, when there is evidence of discrimination in any government institutions, it is possible to research, gather facts, and convey this information to the public. In this way, as a journalist and writer, one acts as an advocate for people and offers awareness on various issues around the world. By being a media personality, it becomes a stepping stone to influence good because the society is filled with malicious and wicked activities. Journalism and writing as a career allows a person to feature such wicked activities and advocate for good in all aspects of human life. It also helps illuminate of the good in the world and in so doing builds hope for the society (Carpenter, 2010).
Audience Characteristics
American General Media is a company that broadcasts information especially within Southern California. This is a leading media company in the region whose aim to serve the needs of the people of southern California and the rest of the nation. The aim of the company is to address the needs of their listeners and readers through their television programs, radios, newspaper, and websites. In this way, American General Media informs its clients and listeners on various issues happening around southern California, policies that affect various practices and areas, and informing people about current events. The company also empowers various groups by advertising and marketing programs to ensure people and group’s messages reach the people of California and beyond. The goal of American General Media is to maximize positive exposure and coverage in a way that all people within the region feel included. American General Media is a family owned digital company that has evolved with various radio stations, as well as media outlets across the United States. The company has various stations in the Southwest that includes the Albuquerque, Santa Maria, Four Corners, ...
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