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Interpersonal Communication in the school environment (Essay Sample)

I will attach three articals that need to be summarized. General Assignment Based on the chapters in the textbook, select a communication context (interpersonal, group, team, the workplace or another organization) or communication theory (dialectics, communication privacy management etc.) you are interested in. You will write a paper that touches on the following information  Explain why you selected this context or theory and why this context represents an important area in which to study/learn about communication and/or why this theory is important to the study of communication.  Explain what Communication scholars have learned about your topic that could be relevant to your own experiences (give examples).  Discuss what you learned about communication from your research and how this will this be useful in your life, career etc. in the future Additional Requirements  2-3 page paper (double spaced).  three sources (minimum) cited scholarly journals within the text of your paper (the textbook does not count as one of your 3 sources, but can be cited and used in the paper).  12 point font  1 inch margins  Source citation along with a bibliography in APA format The paper will be graded on content, organization, and writing. Please include an introduction, clearly organized and supported paragraphs in the body of the paper (please use topic sentences), a conclusion. source..
Interpersonal Communication
Communication in the school environment
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Schools and colleges are recognized to be social entities. The process of teaching and acquiring knowledge could be described as an interactive model. This is whereby instructors interact with learners in the school environment. Social and communication skills are therefore important, especially for the learners in such a setting. The student’s behavior could be described as skill based and systematic, many schools and or teachers have behavior expectations, which are even unique to their own system. These expectations from teachers and schools may be completely different from other settings such as peer group, homes and so on. Communication systems that may be employed in such a setting may therefore be different from the school situation. There is a need for schools to imparting communications skills to students so that they can be able communicate effectively in any given environment, be it school, home, religious centers and so on.
There is also a need for schools and teachers in establishing positive aspects within the school environment and amongst the same students so that, they can be able to nurture respect and prevent conflicts among the students that is occasioned from miscommunications. Schools and teachers may find professional resources quite useful in this area. The subsequent part of this part is a summary of three articles concerning this aspect of communication among students in a school environment.
I selected this entity since the learners in my school hail from different backgrounds. Therefore, it is important to analyze the mode of communication employed and the mode which the instructors employ or should employ in such a setup. Moreover, a considerable number of studies have indicated that a school’s social environment can negatively or positiv...
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