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Wild Oats Market (Essay Sample)

Answer question in paragraph 1.New employees go through 30 days of training (‘Natural Foods 101') at Wild Oats Market. How does that compare to the training you received at your company? Do you think you would feel differently about your current employer if they had invested 30 days in training you? Why or why not? 2.After the 30 days of training employees must pass a written examination. Is that ethical? 3.Wild Oats Market maintains an Ethics Line to allow employees to leave anonymous feedback for behavior the feel is unethical. Does your company offer something like this? If they did, would you use it? Why or why not? source..
Wild Oats Market [Name] [Institution] [Date] Wild Oats Market Wild Oats Market was found in 1987 with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. The new employee training at Wild Oats Market is different from what other companies offer, because new employees are introduced directly to the products they will be handling. Many companies offer theoretical training only, and neglect the practical part of it. I would not feel different about my current employee if he/she invested 30 days training in me. This is because training is one of the core methods of maintaining, and improving employee knowledge on how to execute various transactions in the organization. In addition, training ensures that employees have the basic skills required to run the organization efficiently. According to Wild Oats Market, after the 30 days of training employees must pass a written examination. Due to examination phobia, some employees consider examinations after training unethical. However, it is ethical to offer employees an examination after training. This will help to know whether employees have grasped the content of the training, and to know the areas where employees need further training. Neglecting employee examination can lead to poor execution of responsibilities. My company maintains the same ethics line as Wild Oats Market, where employees can leave anonymous...
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