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Target Marketing Research Assignment Paper: Gucci (Essay Sample)


The assignment for this week places a focus on targeting and involves Chapter 7 in the assigned text.
Step one is to choose a nationally known retailer and describe what in your opinion is their chosen target market using the eight attributes listed in Exhibit 7.2 (Page 183).
Step two is to provide your assessment as to the "correctness" of their chosen target. If you agree with who they target, so state a provide a brief defense of your position. If you disagree with their targeting choices, briefly state what elements you would handle differently and why (for example "their lower age limit is too low for their product mix, I would raise it because tween's are almost as fashion conscious as are teens).
Step three is to categorize their master strategy using the three choices described at the end of the chapter, niche, mass, and growth. Your chosen retailer may be using two or even all three of these strategies and if so, mention that but be sure to identify which of the three you believe to be the most defining of the organization over the long term.
The minimum length of the assignment is 500 words not counting the cover page, cited material or the bibliography. This is a minimum only, and "A" level papers will usually have a word count in the area of 650-850 words.
At least two cited references are required and cited material must be identified by quotation marks within the body of the paper and linked to the source using APA citation format.
A cover page with your name, the assignment title, and the date of submission should be included.


Target Marketing: Gucci
Course content:
Target Marketing: Gucci
Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in the year 1921, in Florence as a result of the inspiration h got from the high end patrons of Savoy Hotel in London during his employment as a liftboy. He developed a vision was to link craftsmanship of the local Tuskan artisans and the elegance he had observed keenly (guccippr.blogspot, n.d). It is family owned and has control in two important market segments: sports & lifestyle and Luxury. This paper seeks to discuss closely the targeting options of Gucci and the strategic choices they have in the luxury market.
Gucci target market
Gucci's target market has been the middle and upper-middle class women. Gucci is well known globally for their positioning concept as a leading market player in the high-fashion industry. The most specific target market is for luxury and high-class. The company is able to differentiate its market offer by the use of their distinct GG logo and Horsebit icon. The most outstanding statement that Gucci uses is that one of “Made in Italy”. This gives it the much adored status in the luxury market, especially the three stripes (red and green). Gucci has greatly expanded across the globe at a very steady rate by targeting the wealthy, celebrities, the upper class and the fashionistas. By so doing they consider the finance aspect of the demographic variables in their choice of clientele. The company has utilized the age and sex as demographic factors to segment and target the clientele in the sense that they target both women and men who are in the age bracket of 20-50 years. The most interesting aspect of their market growth is that they have also included the children's collection. Regarding the race, they are global which means they have factored in the element of multi-cultural influence, for example their expansion to Asia which has a different cultures all together (guccippr.blogspot, n.d).
Evaluation of Gucci's targeting co

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