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Supplies Include Vegetables, Beef, And Bread (Essay Sample)


Write a paper defining the supply chains for the following products from the first source of raw materials to the final customer: (a) Big Mac; (b) Gasoline; (c) automobile repair; (d) A textbook. Make sure that paper is at least two full pages of writing.


Supply Chains
Supply Chains
Supply chain management is about planning, designing, and controlling information flow and materials through the supply chain to meet the customer's requirements efficiently. The supply chain strategies, including the functional or innovative strategies (Ellram & Cooper, 2014). Below are examples of the supply chain of the following products of Big Mac, gasoline, automobile repair and a textbook.
Big Mac
Stage 1.Supplies include vegetables, beef, and bread
Stage: distribution centers from factories
Stage 3: good reaching franchises that sell Big Mac products
Stage 4; goods reaching customers (Beske, Land & Seuring, 2014).
The raw materials are the ingredients to be used in producing finished products like buns, beef patties, salad ingredients and for packaging. The raw materials are supplied by tailored trucks that store the products at a suitable temperature to maintain their freshness. The finished products are delivered to restaurants through distribution centers and franchises selling big Mac products between 3 to 6 times every week to reach its customers within the required times (Beske, Land & Seuring, 2014).
The different stage of the gasoline supply chain include
Stage 1: Exploration
Stage 2: Production
Stage 3: Refining
Stage 4: Supply to gasoline stations
Stage 5: Customer cars (Jacobs, Chase & Lummus, 2014).
Exploration is the initial process that involves geological operations, followed by the production process of extracting oil that involved drilling. Re

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