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Rejecting Opportunities Strategically (Essay Sample)


Required Reading
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Christensen, G. J. (2005) Letters ... We Get Stacks of Letters and Business Notes. Retrieved on Jan 30, 2015, from http://www(dot)csun(dot)edu/~vcecn006/lettr.html
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In this SLP, you are given two scenarios that require you to reject opportunities using written communication. These scenarios are a continuation of your job search, begun in SLP 1. In your submissions, you are expected to apply the concepts covered in this module.
(1) You have been approached by a head hunter who has a job for you. However, for various reasons (which you will invent for this exercise), you decided to decline the opportunity, and go for the job you really want (the one you identified in SLP 1). Write an email to the recruiter explaining your reasons for declining the opportunity. Be sure to apply the principles covered in this module.
(2) The company you are currently working for has decided to increase your responsibilities by adding you to a newly established committee for a new project. Your manager feels that your experience and skills are suited for the position on the committee. You are currently overwhelmed by work, and given the lack of incentives (neither added compensation nor a promotion), you have decided to politely decline. Write an email to your General Manager explaining the situation. (Note: this is not a letter of resignation. You are merely declining the added responsibility while still remaining at your current job).
In both cases, include a discussion explaining the concepts applied. Proper citations and a bibliography are necessary.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Both emails are expected to be formally and professionally written. Please use proper English. Proper salutations are required. Citations and a bibliography are not required for this part.
In your summary, discuss the approach you took. Explain why and how you incorporated the principles of negative communication. Please be sure to use references, which may include the assigned readings, to support your discussion. Formal citations are required, along with a formal bibliography. The summary is to be prepared as an academic essay. Content should be clearly presented with a logical flow.
SLP General Expectations
For the SLP, you are expected to assume the role of a job seeker. You are to identify a job that interests you in Module 1. The SLPs will take you through the job search and application process, presenting you in different scenarios requiring you to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and professionally.
Formal citations and a bibliography are required unless otherwise stated.


Writing Negative News
Declining a Position in another Firm
Shayne Wonders
Highland, NY 8573836
Mr. Rob William
Human Resources Director
Greenleaf Limited
1020 Madison Avenue
New York, NY
Dear Mr. Rob,
I take this chance to express my sincere gratitude for the offer to work in your firm as the finance manager. Greenleaf Ltd., is one of the greatest companies in the industry has made leap and bounds through innovative designs and products. While I believe firmly in the vision and mission of the firm, at the moment I have been offered another position that I feel aligns closer to my goals and objectives in my career.
As such, I would like to decline taking the position for the chance of an equally qualified candidate to take the position. It was a very difficult decision relative to the fact that the position offered would give me the much needed challenge to grow and the firm offers excellent support to the staffs. I appreciate the courtesy that extended to me on the phone yesterday and would want to thank the firm for believing in my abilities.
At the Farmers Insurance Company, I have accepted the position of a finance manager, where I will be in charge of the financial planning for the firm. I hope we will get to meet again and interact for the common interests that we share.
Best regards,
Shayne Wonders
Approaches Review
The message of the letter was purely related to declining to take up a position from the Greenleaf firm; as such it had to be quite direct. One of the approaches that come quite clearly in the letter is that I first appreciate the fact that the company management recognized my potential and felt that I would be a good hire (Sittenfeld, 1999). This element of appreciating the management breaks the negative news that I am about to bring out in the text that follows. It also shows that I actually feel that they are a great company and that I am not turning their offer down due to their reputation. The next approach is the direct delivery of the informationthat is intended by the letter (Xerox, 2015). This way the main information is not carried away by the rest of t...
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