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PURSUING AN ONLINE MBA PROGRAM OVER AN ON-SITE PROGRAM: marketing plan to launch a new product or re-launch a current product (Essay Sample)

Create a marketing plan to launch a new product or re-launch a current product. My topic is (Pursuing an online MBA program over an on-site program.) Paper will contain the following elements: 0.1 Company Overview 0.2 Executive Summary of Marketing Plan 1.0 Description of the Target Market 2.0 Description of Competitors 3.0 Description of Product or Service (P) 4.0 Marketing Budget 5.0 Description of Location (P) 6.0 Pricing Strategy (P) 7.0 Summary and Implementation Plan (P) Must be eight (8) double-spaced-pages in length, exclusive of Appendix, References, Exhibits, etc., and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide. Must include a cover page that includes: Title of paper Students name Course name and number Instructor's name Date submitted source..

Professor Name:
(January 20, 2012)
Pursuing an Online MBA Program over an On-Site Program
1.0 Company Overview
Liberty University which is located in centrally in the state of Virginia is one among the world`s leading Christian Universities and it is well recognized because of the valuable education it offers to students. Its serene and silent environment puts together a suitable atmosphere for learners to study. The chief objective of Liberty University is providing relevant and quality education that can be afforded by everyone and their vision is to bring into being graduates of the world rank such that they can perform in any economic front on the globe (Wankel & DeFillippi (2002). It accomplishes this by offering a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs which can be accessed by learners from everywhere in the world.
The university is equipped with faculties that are highly skilled and well trained and in addition to that it has a library that is well outfitted, halls used as student centers and laboratories for science courses. Moreover, Liberty University sits on a huge piece of land of approximately four thousand acres hence this environment exposes students to practical work during the period of internship. The University relentlessly initiates new ideas to its academic curriculum so as to accommodate the ever escalating requirements of students all over the world an instance being the beginning of programs that provide acknowledged degrees online at affordable fees.
2.0 Executive Summary of Marketing Plan
A rising number of professionals in business prefer to take home their MBAs via the internet. Well, pursuing a Masters in Business Administration is a huge achievement and many students after undertaking their undergraduate they graduate and carry on to pursue a Masters Degree in whatever field they wish to take (AACSB Accredited Online MBA Program (MBA Anywhere), 2000). This summary of the marketing plan points up the market sectors and the approaches of employing to obtain clientele and craft a solid income stream. The only one of its kind focus is to make available opportunities for the students who want to study and work around the clock but can not manage to go for classes at a campus (Criscito, 2002). A bend that confers the university an advantage over its competitors is providing students with additional alternatives of what is obtainable in selecting from a bigger range of majors. From occurrence, a lot of online universities encompass a very essential assortment of majors in the MBA program.
It will finance expansion for the university in obtaining the funds to hold up the amount of command for majors not appended in a good number of online attributed universities. In addition, by offering consulting services to make studies for the claim of the majors that are required the most by all prospective learners. This...
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